December 31, 2012

Weekly Menu Dec. 31

Hello Everyone!!! Oh, how I missed you! We had a lovely visit with The Geologist's family, in the middle of Missouri, a place I like much better when all the bugs are dead (or sleeping). I'm so happy the rocks have converted him to the West, because I am a Western girl, deep down in my bones.

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I thought not blogging for a week would be a nice break, but it turned out I missed it! Yes, I could still read your blogs, and comments, and emails, but it just wasn't the same. I'm thrilled to be back, and already planning way ahead with all the new recipes I want to try, and a few old favorites to share! You know me, I can't promise it will all be anywhere close to "New Year's Resolution-friendly", but I'm also going to try just a bit harder to look for more veggie recipes. We'll see how that turns out!

This week we have:

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For today, Dec. 31...

Outside my window... It's snowing!! I told The Geologist that Colorado was welcoming us back home. Not enough to accumulate much, just feels festive and wintry. Yes, it still feels festive around here, to me!

I am thinking... about re-arranging my kitchen. You know how it is, you move in, throw things in cabinets, and realize a few weeks or months later that this is just not the best set-up. My cabinets are a bit cramped. Time for some room!!

I am going... To the library tonight!! A new book from Kate Morton, a favorite author, and a gorgeous cookbook I've been waiting for for 2 1/2 months! Stephen devoured Dr. Doolittle over the break (2 days actually) and I'm letting him start something a bit bigger. Not sure what yet, I was thinking Harry Potter, but that may be jumping the gun. 

I am thankful... Oooh, here it is folks. Remember the gift that brought me to tears that I mentioned?? Well, it was a joint effort between my husband and mother. First I open this....

And I squealed!!! It's a set of THREE of the tiny cocottes from Le Creuset!! (Remember??

They're so cute!! But then The Geologist said, "Well, those are actually from your Mom. And the card was supposed to say 'We miss our mommy...'" 


Then he looked at me. Meaningfully. Like he was trying to communicate telepathically or something... 

and my heart stopped. Seriously. I said, "No. Way." 

He told me that he wanted to get me one himself, but was afraid to get the wrong color...

And that's when I started crying. 

So today, I went to pick out my favorite Christmas gift of all time... A Le Creuset Dutch Oven!!!!!!!!
I can't get the color right... it's bright and buttery, a golden yellow. Well, I'll just have to wait till it's sunny out!

I am pondering... Some years, Christmas spirit strikes early and sticks around all year round. Sometimes it squeezes in just in time. Sometimes poof! It's gone as soon as the wrapping paper is all cleared up. But somehow, this year, it still feels Christmassy to me. Maybe because we went on vacation, maybe because we came back to snow, maybe for no real reason... But it still feels like Christmas to me. I hope it lasts a while...
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I am wondering... When will season 3 of Sherlock come out?! And why did Peter Jackson get a monopoly on Martin and Benedict?! Did you know Benedict is going to be the voice of Smaug? Which is awesome, and Martin is Bilbo to perfection, but I would rather they get back to work on the show that made us all love them in the first place!! Sherlock is officially my new favorite show. It has even defeated Downton Abbey and White Collar, but just barely. And it may just be me, because I have very strange taste in movie stars, but somehow I went from thinking Benedict Cumberbatch was one of the weirdest looking guys I'd ever seen, to somehow, strangely, mysteriously, attractive... yeah, I know, I'm bonkers. Ah well, you love me anyway. :)
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I am reading... Well, waiting to go pick up my new books from the library, then I'll fill you in!!

I am hoping... That this season in Downton Abbey, Mary and Matthew can finally get together. I mean, come on. This is just ridiculous. Besides, she's even nice now!!! I wanted to throw something at the TV when I watched the Season 2 finale. Argh. Oh, and people say I look like her... I think they're crazy...

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I am looking forward to... Um, Downton Abbey!! Hellooo!! That, and baking. Lots. Sending it all away after a taste, trying to get fit...ish... but I am in a seriously baking mood.

Something new about me... I am a selective perfectionist. Housework? Nah. Outfits? Not so much. Cooking?? Heck yeah. I've been known to throw tantrums (and kitchen implements) if I screw up a recipe. I burned an apple pie filling once and sat down on the kitchen floor and bawled. The first thing I ever made the Geologist was a blackberry cobbler that was one of my specialties (and still is!) when he was visiting over Thanksgiving to officially ask me to marry him. I doubled the dough, but not the filling, and was miserable for the rest of the evening. I also know how to sew! I know, shocker, right? I made The Geologist a pair of pajama pants that same year, for the Christmas before we were married, and though they turned out great, every slightly crooked seam, tiny flaw, and homemade touch nearly drove me to fits of profanity. That was the last time I sewed more than a button. It makes me too angry. :)

Guilty pleasures... Anytime you can mix an electric guitar with an orchestra. Yep, that makes it loud and raucous and obnoxious, but I love it. Metallica's S&M album (sorry Mom!!!) Trans-Siberian Orchestra's Mad Russian's Christmas and Christmas Eve in Sarajevo, Lindsey Stirling's Phantom of the Opera medley...

I have a weakness for guitar. May have something to do with The Geologist and his brother taking me under their wing at 15 and showing me that there is music out there besides Enya and the Backstreet Boys. Oh yes, that was me. For my first lesson, they gave me Led Zeppelin, Smashing Pumpkins, Weezer, and Oasis. I listened to it on headphones because I was so sure my mother would be horrified at the evil music I was being corrupted with. Little did I know, she loved it! Most of it... anyway. Stephen and his younger brother played guitar and bass, had their own band with their other brothers, and I became their biggest fan and only groupie. :)

Pet Peeves... Okay, this one is funny. The number 9. I don't know why, it's just so incomplete! So tantalizingly close to a nice, round, number 10!! Especially on blog numbers. Followers and pageviews. I don't really care if I ever get to a zillion followers, and I am thrilled every time I gain one, but when it is stuck... like now... at a 9 number... it drives me crazy till I get just one more to push it to 10. Not because I'm "all about the numbers", just because I'm, yet again, bonkers.

Well. This may have been a bit too much sharing, but oh well!! See you tomorrow :) By the way, like my new signature?? It's actually mine! In real life!!


  1. What a lovely and thoughtful Christmas collaboration! So glad you had a happy Christmas; may your New Year be filled with joy!

    1. Happy New Year to you too!! I'm a lucky girl, wish I could spread it around a bit :)

  2. April, you could never share TOO much with us. I love you to bits! I am so jealous. Do you know how much I would love to have a piece of Le Creuset. Those little dishes are just adorable. Lucky You! Loving your DayBook as always. Liking your menu for the week as well. I just adore you. I hope you know that. And I love your Bonkerness. It's so YOU! All the best to you and your lovely family in 2013! xxoo

  3. I'm glad someone is getting snow!! I really want to watch Downton Abbey.


  4. I adore you! You're so fun and funny!

  5. I love this, you should do posts like this more! and no you're not weird for thinking Benedict Cumberbatch is attractive (I think he's hot lol).

    I'm so excited to see what the new year holds for you and your blog.

    Ps. You should do mom's Russian Tea/Wassail sometime! Kate made it the other day and it smelled sooo good!

  6. random comments from the peanut gallery:
    no to Harry Potter. no. no. no. Try the Misty of Chincoteagues first. Astrid Lindgren, E.B. White, Beverly Cleary. Even Kyelgaard or Franklin W. Dixon, please.
    You have Le Rainbow!
    It's more Christmas cause you're home, you're settled, and you're WELL!!! And... you had a real holiday.
    Yes, you're bonkers... it will pass... Lee Pace forever!!
    You obviously have stayed away from Downton Abbey spoilers... Three more days!
    That Cobbler incident was pretty epic.
    Smashing Pumpkins: ew
    Maybe you heard The White Album as a child?

    1. I know, I know! There are tons of other books out there! It was just the first thing that came to mind! LOVE Lee Pace. Always. :)

  7. Harry Potter may still be a bit out of his range, but it's also a great read-aloud book. My mother-in-law and brother-in-law read them together while he was growing up. All seven books. Even though the last one was published when he was 12 years old and old enough to read them himself. They both love that. :D Spiderwick Chronicles, Fablehaven, E.B. White, Roald Dahl would all work for his age group . . .

    And I literally *just* finished watching the second season of Downton Abbey on PBS (hooray for random airings!) and even though it's the third or fourth time I've watched it, I still want to scream and throw things (but I've a newborn, so I can't do that!).

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year! :D

    1. LOL! Amen. Ugh, why can't these shows just let people be happy?? Surely there are other ways to introduce drama!

  8. I really want a set of cocottes but I should probably get an oven first :(

    Sherlock is amazing, I love Benedict, and also find him amazingly attractive! It's his intelligence and confidence and I love his voice!

    Happy New Year!

    1. HOORAY! I'm not the only one!! *happy dance* :)


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