December 17, 2012

Weekly Menu Dec. 17

I had so much fun doing the Simple Woman's Daybook last week, that I decided to make it a Monday feature! You can try your own here!

Menu For the Week:
Thick & Soft Cut-Out Sugar Cookies

For today, Dec. 17...
Outside my window... It is clear and sunny. At least it's chilly!! And I checked the forecast... we just MIGHT have a White Christmas!!

I am thinking... I need to take my poor beastie out to romp. She's been getting antsy, and took it out on our giant pointsettia... she got in big trouble. Lucky for her, I'm not emotionally attached to it. And I can't get too mad at her, because it's my fault for not getting her out more often!

I am going... Well, to the dog park for one thing! I'll grab a few groceries on the way, get ready for the week.

Source: Etsy via Tumblr
I am thankful... For Christmas. I am extra grateful this year, because it is the first Christmas we have had where we weren't moving, recently moved, extremely stressed, horribly sick, or completely broke. I'm not doing as many "things" as I had envisioned, but it doesn't matter, because I am drinking in every moment. Now if only it would snow!

I am pondering... The heart-breaking events of the past week. I've been trying to kind of skim over the top of the grief, because I was afraid I would completely break down if I thought too deeply about it. Well, last night I did. And I was right. I couldn't stop imagining how everyone must feel; parents, siblings, grandparents, friends, neighbors, teachers... I have mourned with those that mourned. And they are in my prayers, because truly, that is all I can do. Sometimes it is hard for me to accept that. 

I am wondering... if I ever offend anyone when I talk about my religious feelings. I would be silly to assume you all feel the same way I do, but I hope you know that I love you all, and I never mean to bother or exclude anyone
I am reading... The Hobbit! Stephen and I went to see the movie on Saturday. Hooray for dates!! I was a bit annoyed at all the things they added in though, so I am re-reading it for the zillionth time to make sure I remembered it correctly. Grr. Why must we make it into a 3 movie behemoth?! It happens to be my favorite Tolkien book, because of it's lighter tone, but I was a little bit disappointed with the movie, to be honest. Although the scene when the dwarves show up at Bilbo's house was fantastic. My favorite. :)

I am hoping... For SNOW!!! Have I mentioned that enough already??

I am looking forward to... This weekend. The Geologist is off on Friday, so we will have a long, Christmassy weekend!! I must find a neighborhood with good lights around here somewhere! It was a Christmas Eve tradition in my family to go drive through neighborhoods full of lights. Our boys share that love, and shout out "MommyMommy LOOK! Christmas Lights!!" at every string we see.

Something new about me... I love horses. I wanted to be a jockey when I was growing up... but as soon as I topped 5 feet and 130 pounds... The dream died. But I still love them. I have favorite racehorses, I worked at 2 different ranches, a horse was my first friend in Missouri. Footage of horses running brings tears to my eyes. Yup, I'm a silly horse girl!!!

Guilty pleasures... Spicy Cheetos. I know, aren't they vile?! It comes and goes in phases. My sister-in-law calls them Devil Cheetos and refuses to kiss my brother when he's eating them. We share a love of spicyness. My senior year in high school I would get a bag every day, with a Code Red Mountain Dew. Bleck. The things we live on when we're teenagers!

Pet Peeves... When my husband says "Whatevs." I don't know where he got it, but it's like fingernails on a chalkboard to me!! So of course, he says it as often as he can. Sigh. 


  1. I came over via Marie at the English Kitchen. Your blog is wonderful and I can't wait to try some of your recipes! I'd love to know who designed your blog background as well - I'm looking for a change in mine!

  2. Love, LOVE your daybook April!! You are a girl after my own heart. My heart breaks for the families and community in Connecticut as well. So tragic. Have you ever noticed that each Christmas is accompanied with some sort of tragedy like this. I wonder why that is. Thank goodness for the Gospel which teaches us so much more than the world can imagine. I wish everyone knew and embraced it. What a difference that would make. Don't ever apologize for being a woman of faith. It is who you are and what we love about you. Seriously. It is not wrong to love God and the Saviour. We should be proud of our faith! Whatevs! (sorry couldn't resist. lol) xxoo


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