December 7, 2012

Hi, my name is Stephen and I love my wife!


Well, today is the day April has been waiting for for quite some time (Crazy Awesome Choir/Bell Choir/and Symphony Performance (to help kids(with presents and stuff(and the mayor will be there(and I hate calculus(X+Y(Z-Y)))))).  She is too busy to post today so...I told her that I was going to do a guest post.  She isn't allowed to change or edit anything!  So today I decided to introduce you to a friend of mine:

My HTC Rezound.

Here are the photos that live in my Rezound and the stories that go with no particular order...

1) I want a house.  My friend, Kevin volunteered to be Santa this year at our Ward Christmas Party.  After the kids sat on his lap and asked him to tell the real Santa what they wanted for Christmas, I took my turn.  They know that the real Santa should have a real beard.

2) "Mom, what is this bird?"  When I see animals or plants that I want to know about, I ask Suzanne (Mom #2) and she always knows, or finds out for me.

3) April and I went to eat ramen.  The real ramen, not that stuff in a bag.  What else do you do while waiting for your meal?  Also, my nose really is crooked, I am not shoving those up so hard that it is deforming the schnoz. 

4) I like to take pictures of my gorgeous girls.  Especially the one on the right.  Isn't she one of the prettiest things you ever did see?  

5) "I have barbecue sauce on my nose?"  Yes and on your cheeks, Stephen.

6) Yes, that is a picture of our keyboard.  Doesn't everyone have a picture in their phone that they have no idea where it came from?

7) April had a pine needle stuck in her hair.  I had to capture that.  If the pine needle could talk it would have said: "Oh. My. Gosh.  Did you see that!  I just got to spend a few minutes in the most radiant and beautiful hair I have ever seen!  She is so hot!"

8) We probably shouldn't have done this, but his prayers are so awesome!  It makes me happy how much he believes in God.  

9) Rig pictures.  This is a rig in the Uinta Basin.  I am the guy who follows what the rig is doing.  Roughnecks (the guys on the rig) are the manliest of them all.  They have a different language on the rig.  "Hey you guys." is English and  the rig translation would be offensive to most of us.  To them, it isn't cussing, it is endearing language you use to let others know you love them!  I hate to think what a rig curse word sounds like!

10) I am color blind.  "April, which red should I get?  Is this red?  Which one is darker?"

11) Better than any real kids would gladly help Santa in his shop if it meant getting hot chocolate and a Christmas tree.

12) "Are you seriously taking my picture?"  Yes, because I love you and you are the most important thing in my life.  The Lord gave me April because he knew I needed perfection in my life.  He knew I needed someone who could finish my sentences for me.  Someone who would raise good kids in spite of me.  Someone who loves me He does.  In the words of Bollywood: "Tujh Mein Rab Dikhta Hai" (I see God in you). 


  1. Dear Stephen, do you work in oil? My hubby does as a geologist, very manly job from the office. He gets to come home and answer the work cell whenever it rings.

  2. This is too cute and hilarious! And I love the comment about--doesn't everyone have a picture on their phone that they don't know where it came from? Because that is so true!

  3. ...I never noticed that your nose was crooked... I also didn't notice that April was perfect... I thought you were! Looks like you both are: Perfect for each other! :-)
    Now I want to write a commentary on what's on my phone.
    This blog had me laughing and crying. You have a gift.

  4. I am a geologist. And I do work for an oil company!

  5. April, your HUSBAND is just as much of a cutie pie as you are! You need to make this a regular feature of your blog! Seriously! I loved this. Oh what a cute couple you are! I agree with him, he has a most special wife and I am not surprised he loves you to bits. Your whole family is so dear to me. Truly. I am so tempted to let the Toddster do this, but he'd probably been quite boring, so I won't. Love and hugs to you ALL! xxoo

  6. I love it! What a neat journey through his eyes. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I'm lucky to have a husband who can back me up when I just don't have anything left! :) Glad everyone enjoyed it!


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