December 15, 2012

Small and Wonderful Things 11

Christmas is SO CLOSE!! So today, I have a Christmas-themed Small and Wonderful Things. I'd like to show you some of my favorite Christmassy things!

These pinecones are white and sparkly, my Mom gave them to me. She has a bit of a Christmas ornament addiction, so once she filled up her tree she started on ours! I am grateful to be the recipient of her compulsions :)
Our Christmas squirrel!! He is a new addition this year. We had a pretty awful day a few weeks ago, so while I was out exercising, Stephen took the boys to buy me "I'm sorry" presents. And this little guy was it. I gave him a festive scarf, and now he lives in our tree :)
I made our own tree topper this year! We used to use a spiky snowflake ornament, but it just wasnt cutting it this year. So I used some old ribbon, leftover from my acorn wreath... (old picture)
...Dusted off my florist shop bow-making skills, and we love it. The picture is kind of dark, but the ribbons are burgundy, and a pale green and gold. 
Oh, my Faceless Santa!! Yes, that is actually his name. He was custom made for me by a lady who lives in North Pole, Alaska. Seriously!!
My mom has a few of these, and one year she bought me one! I picked out each and every bit of him while I was visiting up there. The fur (fox!), the cloth, his walking stick (I even found the stick myself!)
 Every little bird and pinecone...I gave the birds a bit of black on their heads to turn them into cardinals...

Even his little sack of bird seed!
I love my Faceless Santa :)

Last but not least, our glass icicles. It took us years to find them! I knew I had to have some on my tree; I grew up with them on our family Christmas tree, and I couldn't live without them. Finally, after much searching, we found them, and they are my favorite decorations!
Hope you've enjoyed a peek at my Christmas. Someday, when we have more room, my decorations will be something to truly marvel at! 


  1. Your ornaments and tree are so pretty! I just love seeing other people's creations and favorite ornaments.

  2. Love, love, LOVE your wonderful things April. They are just as wonderful as you are! Your tree is so sweet. I have not put one up yet this year. I love your faceless Santa, and your icicles and your apologetic squirrel. What a sweet thing for the boys to do. I love your family. You all mean the world to me. Happy Christmas!! xxoo

  3. I have 14 of these faceless santas that we collected when we lived in Fairbanks. Now,my question is: Do you have a contact for the lady that makes them? I have lost that information. Is she still in business. My email address is Many thanks.


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