December 2, 2012

Small and Wonderful Things 10

Little boys' eyelashes... why aren't MINE that pretty?! 

New jeans that make me feel pretty.

 Teeny marshmallows for hot cocoa!! 

Little Stephen's excitement to share his testimony every month.

 Look! Our concert is in the paper! 


 The boys' love of restaurant coloring sheets 

Biscotti, my new obsession. :)

 Bracken's love of snuggling with my clothes... 

Tickling. Playing. Laughing. As a family. 

 Joe: "Mmm! This candy-cane is rainbow-flavored!"


  1. yes! why do boys have the most beautiful lashes ever?? i have to go get mine all prettied up for them to be that beautiful. he is such a cutie- oh and i just bought those mini marshmallows in peppermint flavor- so good!

  2. Hi April! I'm following your super beautiful blog on GFC with your cute blog button from Tales of Beauty from Ashes (who you sponsored). Last night I did a post on Inspirational Quotes on Sons as it was my son's 16th birthday on Saturday. I think you'll enjoy it, having boys yourself.

    Tina - American mom raising 4 kids in South Africa

  3. April, I love your small things. I always do. I know, tis most unfair that boys and men get the most beautiful eyelashes. I don't know why that happens, but it does. I love Bracken. She's such a sweet doggie. I wish I could have heard your choir sing. I just know it was fabulous. Mini MINI marshmallows??? How positively wonderful and restaurant colouring. This post has it all. My heart twinges. Love YOU! xxoo


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