December 3, 2012

Weekly Menu Dec. 3

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Hooray!! It's December, and the final countdown to Christmas has begun!! Here in Colorado we are strangely and disappointingly high on temperature and low on snow... I might have to create some myself! For the past few years I have started a new tradition of decorating our windows with paper snowflakes. They make our home feel winter-y even with no snow! This really came in handy last year; Utah was surprisingly lacking in snow all winter! I know lots of people are thrilled with the unseasonably warm weather, but I am a girl who needs snow, frost, and ice to complete the magic of the Christmas season. It's just not the same without it! Fingers crossed for snow SOON! 

This week we have:

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  1. Just when I think I have gotten used to snow-less winters (not a lot of snow over here) Christmas comes along and makes me wish for snow. It happens every year. I have been waiting for 12 years. One doesn't quite mind it being cold if it at least snows a bit along with it! Hope you get your wish! Love you much and your menus too! xxoo


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