December 12, 2012

Aunt Lysa's Cheese Rolls

Ah, the Christmas season, the only time of the year I actually enjoy ice cream and hot fudge. Because peppermint ice cream with rich dark fudge on top is just plain delicious!!
Yeah, not so artsy, but whatever. :) It was yummy. So here's a question for all you moms out there. How do you encourage a perfectionist child?! My stubborn little mister Joe gets so frustrated. Constantly. A dozen times a day. He is a fabulous artist and engineer (for a 5 year old, of course) but is always giving up because he can't do something as well as he thinks it should be done. I know he can, but I'm tired of the constant reassuring pep talks, and honestly, they don't do any good. Any advice??

Oh wait... I think I may have just answered my own question... I ignored his current whining about legos... and a few minutes later, he's back in there all focused and determined! Silly me. I should know this by now, right? If every time he says "I caaaan't" I give him all this praise and adoration... of course he would do it all the time!! Ugh. Am I the only mom who has to re-learn lessons like this over and over?? I remember while growing up my Mom would tell me "We've been doing this since you were four, how have you still not grasped the concept?" (You know, for cleaning rooms, being polite, etc. Those things us parents are constantly reinforcing) But it seems I have the same problem as a mom!! *facepalm* Well. Hope you all enjoyed that little life lesson!! Ha!

Aunt Lysa's Cheese Rolls
Printable Recipe

12 frozen rolls (I use Rhodes, you can use your favorite brand!)
1 stick butter, melted
1 1/2 cups freshly grated parmesan cheese
1/3-1/2 cup garlic bread seasoning (recipe here)

Remove rolls from freezer and let them thaw 1-2 hours, until soft.
Mix the cheese, and seasoning in a bowl. Dip the rolls in butter, then roll in cheese mixture.
Place back in a 9x13 dish and let rise 2-3 more hours. Bake according to package instructions. Serve warm!
Voila! A cheese wad!! Oh, did I forget to mention that?? Yep, among our family these rolls are known as Cheese Wads. I didn't put that in the title because it doesn't exactly sound... appetizing. It does now that you know what it is though, right?
Not the greatest pictures, I apologize. I let my rolls seriously over-rise, so they were really really soft. Still delicious though!! They get all butter and crispy-cheesy, soft and fluffy inside, and that garlic bread seasoning is a must!! I love the stuff. I'm going to make actual garlic bread tomorrow!
My boys love these cheese wads. Wads of cheese!! They could eat them all day and all night. The first time they had them at my Aunt Lysa's house, they raved so much she sent some home with them in little baggies. And believe me, my Stephen knows how to rave. A sample, if you will!!

"Oh my GOSH, these are the most AWESOME rolls I have EVER TASTED. Mom, MOM, you HAVE to make these. I'm SO serious. They're SO good!!!"

So what are you waiting for? You have it on good authority from my 6 year-old. You HAVE to make these! :)


  1. April, you're killing me with your perfectly delectable pics of the ice cream and rolls, I want to reach through and eat them! The rolls look especially fluffy, this is a great thing to post on here :D

  2. Be strong!! You shall heal!! Sorry for the temptations... I can't help myself! Besides, Stephen's gone. I'm lonely. And I eat junk food when I'm lonely. Or hurt... or sad... or sick... Hmmm, not the healthiest of habits! :)

  3. Oh gosh, those look sooooooo good April!! I don't have frozen bread rolls over here. No such thing. Perhaps I could do these with some from scratch rolls??? Do you think?? Look fabulous anyways! I was a perfectionist child and am now a perfectionist adult. Some things never change. I have never felt I did good enough at anything. I never got a lot of praise when I was a child, so I think the fact that you do tell your son he is good at things is a good thing. I would have loved to have just felt that I was good at anything. Love you! xxoo


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