April 13, 2015

Lemon Biscotti

Happy Birthday to meeeee! This Saturday I turned 30. Most of my adult life, I haven't quite dreaded reaching that landmark age, but haven't exactly been thrilled at the prospect. Thirty seemed old. Not ancient, but "mature". Like by the time I hit that big three-oh, I should be all settled down and boring. I should be done with my youngster shenanigans, turn my music down, quit fan-girling over British actors, Indian movies, and Japanese cartoons, and feel thirty. Surprise surprise, I'm not done, and I don't feel thirty! But now I have a reason to be thrilled to death about turning thirty, because now I am officially old enough to adopt our little girl from China! THAT is something worth celebrating! And guess what? I've still got plenty of youngster shenanigans to go, and if I don't feel thirty, well, China doesn't need to know that, do they? :)

I truly meant to post this recipe last week, but I was too busy having a fabulous birthday week and going through a 48-hour emotional adoption rollercoaster. (More on that later) On Tuesday The Geologist and I got surprise tickets to go to a hockey game (go Avalanche!!), we had two of our four homestudy visits, Friday we had a birthday lunch date at a beautiful "country Japanese" restaurant for ramen, my favoritest food, in a beautiful Japanese garden courtyard, and on Saturday my parents came up to play games, bringing a scrumptious Hummingbird Cake (which I will be making for you SOON! Yum!!) which was a very good thing, because I burned my Sticky Toffee Pudding Cake. :( The Geologist gave me tickets to a Lindsey Stirling concert at Red Rocks Amphitheater (that's kind of a huge deal, lol), Mom gave my a Lindsey Stirling hoodie, which I never want to take off, and a handmade glass star. Not sure if it counts as stained glass, because it's clear, but I love it. To top off a perfect birthday, I bought myself those burgundy Vans sneakers I've been coveting, so Kate and I have matching shoes!! Yup, a very good birthday. And you had to know I'd give you something lemon, because lemon everything is my favorite. And it's Spring-y!

April 1, 2015