October 25, 2016

Pumpkin Snickerdoodles

 Hello again, blogging world! I know I've been absent, but I couldn't let October pass without at least ONE fabulous pumpkin recipe! Some of you may have seen me sharing about these life-changing cookies all over social media, you might even have the first draft of the recipe! Well, after four batches and three different adjustments, THIS is the perfect pumpkin snickerdoodle recipe! I squeezed in some more pumpkin and evened out the spices, so pencil in the changes on whatever version you may have saved!

One of the things I dreamed about when we were waiting to bring our daughter home was baking for her. Filling her to the brim with delicious treats! Well, that didn't go quite as planned, since she arrived with a wariness of all things bread and a sweet tooth that only liked candy. Instead, she made me up my noodles and meats game. Slowly but surely, she's getting a taste for baked treats, and I have found the secret weapon: pumpkin!!
She loves EVERYTHING with pumpkin in it! (Not to mention actual pumpkins) Heck, she'd eat pumpkin out of the can with a spoon. And I just might let her... These cookies are hands-down her favorite! They just might be the Geologist's new favorite cookie too... So basically, if you haven't tried them already, you MUST!