December 10, 2012

Weekly Menu Dec. 10

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you had a lovely weekend! I sure did :) But now the Geologist is gone for the week, so we are just a bit blue around here. Nothing serious, just a pale, wistful, blue. Luckily it's nice and cold outside, so we feel festive and cozy in here! I found someone to come to the second concert with us tonight, so I get to bring the boys! They're so excited. We'll probably watch lots of movies, and eat lots of popcorn this week. But I have some nice, homey, comforting recipes for you. Here's hoping you all have delightful days, while I'm wishing for snow!

This week we have:


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    1. Yep!! I just didn't want to call them that in the title and have people think "what the heck?!" :)


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