January 14, 2013

Weekly Menu Jan. 14

This week we have:

For today, Jan. 14...

Outside my window... It is sunny, but COLD!! 9 degrees, currently! And yet somehow it's supposed to be in the 50's by Thursday! This has been the strangest winter...

Around the house... It's very quiet. The Christmas Break seems to have rebooted Joe, he's back to his calm, independent little self. Currently he's in his room, building creative cars out of Legos!

I am thinking... I think I'll skip the errands today. I'll do phone calls instead, and wait till it's barely above freezing tomorrow!

I am going... Oh, this is going to be a busy week! We're meeting with a realtor tomorrow night, Choir and chiro on wednesday, physical trainer and missionaries Thursday, more chiro Friday and helping our neighbors move! Phew!! 
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Favorite things... Roses!!! Oh, I adore roses. I want roses in my garden someday, climbing ones, cabbage roses, tea roses, English roses, all different colors! The more ruffly and fragrant the better! I had a rose scented body spray once, it was my favorite, but I've never been able to find one since that doesn't just smell like soap. Sigh. 

I am thankful... for an apartment big enough to hold more than 4 adults at a time! We had friends over last night and it was SO much fun!! That never happened in our old apartment, it was much too small. 

I am pondering... Ideals of beauty. It seems that what we "should" aspire to, in terms of body image, always seems to be on either ends of an extreme scale. We're either railing at the super-thin supermodels, or declaring that super-curvy is what REAL women look like! I think this whole idea is unfair. Some women are naturally thin, and some are naturally curvy! Some are thin in some spots and curvy in others! The truth is, there IS NO ideal, because we are all made differently, and we're supposed to be. The only ideal is our personal health. If you are thin, and healthy, wonderful! If you are curvy, and healthy, fantastic! Just be the healthiest YOU you can be! I will never be a size 2. Ever. Even if I starve myself. But, I can work hard to get fit, be more careful of how I eat, and be happy with how I look. Not with what size jeans I wear. That's my goal. 

I am reading... The Fellowship of the Ring, which is always a good thing. But I'm thinking it's time for a trip to the library! I need something new!

I am hoping... that I can be more successful at establishing new habits this week. We'll see how it goes!

I am looking forward to... Choir on Wednesday!!! I can't wait!! And personal training on Thursday! I may have hobbled around for a few days, but I'm excited to keep going!

Something new about me... All right, I'm going to get a bit serious on you here today. This is kind of a tough subject for me to talk about in a relatively public forum like this, but now is the time! As of last week, we are officially searching for a new adoption agency. After my last pregnancy went terribly wrong, and my surgery in July, I can no longer have children of my own. We've been working towards adoption for the past 3 years, but unfortunately after moving we have to start over from scratch. We're now spreading the word among family and friends, if you hear or know anything (or anyone!) that might help us complete our family, we'd love to hear from you! Our family isn't done growing, and we have a family blog to help people get to know us a bit better. (The link is in my left sidebar) Thanks for reading!!

Guilty pleasures... Sour candy. All forms. I know they're sooo bad for you, but I love them!! More than any other candy!!


  1. Such an inspiring post, April, particularly your Pondering which is expressed so beautifully! And I have a feeling the adoption process will be easy for you - any child would be so lucky to be added to your family. I'll be crossing my fingers and toes that it happens soon! I'm also glad to hear you aren't waddling anymore!

  2. April, I always love your daybook. It's like sitting down with you and enjoying a nice conversation. The daughter of a friend of mine is unable to have children and she and her husband have been lucky enough to be able to adopt two adorable little ones over the past couple of years. There are always children which need good homes and you are such a wonderful mom. I'll keep this in my prayers for you.

    You would have loved our cottage down South. The side of the house was covered in climbing roses, both red and white. They were gorgeous and we had a yellow one which was climbing all over our garden shed. I miss them sometimes, but my boss was a prat, so I don't miss that!

    Love your menus. I need to do that. Much better than waking up each day and wondering what I will make.
    Love you much. xxoo

    PS - Kudos on the workout schedule! You GO girl!


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