January 5, 2013

Small and Wonderful Things 13

A new Christmas ornament! The Geologist gets me a new bird ornament every year, and I was a little bit sad I didn't get one... but today he remembered it was still hiding under our bed! Merry Late Christmas to me!

Road Trips

The Geologist's Fridays off, every other week!!

Bracken's snuggles with her bunny

New Cookbooks to peruse...

Stephen's new glasses! He LOVES them :)


My new 2013 Scottish Highlands calendar!! This is my favorite picture :)

Making new goals, and getting scared+excited about them...

Candles. We aren't supposed to burn them here, but I am a rebel, what can I say!

Being Home.


  1. Thats so cute! Is your hubby a geologist? Me too!!


  2. Happy New Year April! I loved your bird ornament. Beautiful! I always enjoy your Small and Wonderful posts :)

  3. Your cardinal ornament is gorgeous! I love that he didn't forget your yearly tradition!

  4. I always enjoy your small and wonderful posts April. You have such a lovely family. Thanks for sharing your blessings with us. Your husband has good taste in ornaments, and women, lol !! Love ya! xxoo


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