January 18, 2013

Small and Wonderful Things 16

I'm doing my Small and Wonderful Things a day early this week, my Thin Mints aren't set and the sun is going down!

Window seats! This one makes me think of the one Jane Eyre was hiding from her cousins in...
Source: vedrai.tumblr

Jane Eyre, my favorite book of ALL TIME

Fish tanks in restaurants

New Awesome Doctors!

Pinecones of all shapes and sizes
Source: weheartit

Sleeping In

Happy, sunny, "just because" flowers from the love of my life!

Rolling the windows down and blasting Bollywood as I pick up Stephen from school. Oh yeah, I'm the coolest Mom around! In my own mind, at least :)

Moss. I love moss!
Source: flickr

Sleep. Sleep is a glorious thing. 


  1. I agree. Moss is lovely! When I went to Oregon, it was everywhere and so incredibly beautiful!

  2. If you love Moss, you will ADORE England. Moss is everywhere. Loved reading about your small and wonderful things. I just know you are a cool mom. Maybe you kids won't always think you are, but when they get older and look back they will say to themselves . . . we had a really cool mom. But more important than that, they will say to themselves. We had the BEST mom! Love you! xxoo

  3. This was my favorite post of yours so far :) there's beauty all around us

  4. It's so cool that you see these small but wonderful things April. So many people just forget to look. Forget to take a few moments. Forget to clear their minds to appreciate these wonderful things. We're so much healthier when we do notice.

    LindaLee from
    CrossN' My Stitches


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