January 21, 2013

Weekly Menu Jan. 21

Candied Orange Peel & Chocolate Orange Biscotti

For today, Dec. 4...

Outside my window... It is bright, sunny, and already in the 40's! Winter is taking another nap, it seems!

Around the house... I'm typing, the Beast is snoozing, and the boys are watching my favorite Bollywood movie! Now that Stephen can read subtitles, they asked if they could watch one. Sometimes he can't quite keep up, so I update them, but so far they're loving it! I woke up in a panic with only 20 minutes to get ready for school... until my brilliant little boy with the steel-trap memory reminded me there isn't any school today! Whew!
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I am thinking... I'm thinking we're going to have a pleasant day, go to the park, and just be. Tomorrow it gets busy around here!! 

I am thankful... For my husband, The Geologist. Today is our 8th anniversary! 8 years, 6 moves, 3 pregnancies, 2 kids, 1 dog, countless nicknames, 1 master's degree, a dozen or so hospital stays, 1 killer calculus course, and 1 dream job. We started out as best friends 12 years ago, and are still best friends. He is my favorite person, wherever he is, I am home. He's my parent's favorite child and my boys's hero. It feels like forever and no time at all, all at once! He has learned all the flowers I love (and hate), has learned that to tickle me is to tempt fate, always makes me laugh, and can make the most horrible faces. How someone that handsome can look that awful, I will never understand! He helps me be me, and I love him the mostest. 
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I am pondering... Adoption. Pretty much a constant these days. We're now looking at the possibility of adopting an older child. Infant adoption through private agencies is so terribly expensive, and we feel there is a child out there who truly needs us. Which means much more research on our part!! It's a bit overwhelming, but we're forging ahead! 

I am hoping... I'm hoping for at least one big, thick, traffic-stopping snowstorm this winter. We've had some dustings, but no real snowstorm. Sure, 50 degrees is nice, but we need to make a snowman!!

I am looking forward to... All of my recipes this week!! I realized towards the end of last week that I have been trying too hard with my menus. I don't HAVE to have a bread, a veggie, a main course, etc. each week. I don't have to try so hard to find healthy stuff either. I can just make what I want to make!! I haven't been as excited about the things I was making. This week I just looked for things that made me happy. So we'll see how they turn out!! I am VERY excited for these recipes!

I am going... Choir on Wednesday, multiple Dr. appointments, physical training, helping friends move, having people over for dinner, whew!!

Something new about me... You know I love flowers, but did you know I can't keep them alive?? It's true!! I kill houseplants! I either over- or under-water them, every time!! It's sad. I had a little indoor fairy garden, killed that one too... Someday, when I have a house, I will fly my green-thumb-wielding mother out to design me an April-proof garden. One that attracts birds and butterflies, and isn't too finicky. 
                                                                                             Source: idemakeriet

Guilty pleasures... Oatmeal Cream Pies. At one point last year, I was eating them by the box, every few days. I love the things! Actually, the first thing I ever pinned was a recipe for homemade ones... yet I haven't made them yet! I think I'm afraid I'll eat those by the boxful too!!

Favorite Things... Fireworks!! I love watching fireworks. When I was a kid we watched a fireworks show over the harbor, and the fireworks were reflected in the water. When the boys were tiny we watched them in Powell Gardens, in Missouri, and they had them coordinated with a symphony! But my favorite was watching them in Provo, and hearing them echo off the mountains. I love the big boom you get, deep in your chest, when you're as close as you can get to them. The sparkly gold ones are my favorites.


  1. April we are sooo alike! No wonder we get on so well together! I loved reading your day book and getting to know you even better. I love your weekly menus. Food blogging is supposed to be about what brings you joy foodwise, what teaches you, what skills you can share. There is no planned success formula except honesty. It's easy to get caught up in the rat race of thinking we have to do this or that every week, but our loyal readers will be happy with whatever we post. If it brings us joy, it brings them joy! Love you much! Your husband sounds awesome. Good luck with your week. Hope it is all you want it to be! xxoo

  2. PS - I am the neighborhood plant killer. I have a notoriously black thumb.


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