January 12, 2013

Small and Wonderful Things 14

Notes from boys

Facebook :)

Learning manly stuff (football) with Daddy

My iPad


Having a washer and dryer IN my apartment!!

Car washes. 

Specifically, car washes with "poodly things". You'd be surprised how few of these are left, but the boys won't settle for anything less!

Making new blogging friends

Soft, pretty, sweaters
Source: wintertimegirls

Pirates of the Caribbean (LOVE.)


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  1. I always love these posts of yours April. I adore these little glimpses of your sweet life. I have a funny story to tell you about a car wash. When I was married before, we were very poor. We never had a decent car, always old clunkers, which thankfully my ex was always able to keep running. He was very good at that. My oldest daughter is developmentally challenged as you know. We never had a lot of money to take our five children to zoos and stuff so one day we thought we would treat them to a drive through car wash. We thought they would really enjoy it. And all went pretty well, the excitement of this newest adventure was pretty up there as we slid our car into it and felt it take hold. As soon as those brushes started to make their way over our car my daughter started screaming at the top of her lungs in terror, and no matter how I tried to comfort her it didn't stop. Those few minutes in the car wash felt like a lifetime as you can imagine. It was awful . . . but wait . . . it gets worse. Just when we thought we had made it through and were back on the road back home . . . we heard a flapping sound and looked out our rear window only to see our vinyl roof flapping in the wind behind us like a flag. Yep, the car wash brushes had torn it off and it was hanging on by a thread. OH my, I can laugh at it now, but at the time, it was not so funny at all! That's my story.
    Love you much, and your family too. xxoo


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