Monday, March 2, 2015

Best Chocolate Cake EVER

Last Summer I started a quest. A quest to find the perfect chocolate layer cake. I found a few fun ones, like that Double Dark Chocolate Cake with Black Velvet Icing (I mean, woah), but that wasn't quite what I was looking for. I wanted classic, special occasion. birthday party layer cake. And guess what?? I found it! Luckily for me, Stephen wanted a chocolate cake for his birthday party this year, AND we had a Super Bowl party to make dessert for, so I got to make it twice, just to be absolutely sure it was perfect. In fact, I made it dairy-free for the birthday party, and it was still completely scrumptious!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Simple Homemade Chicken Ramen

Okay, so I'm an anime nerd, as I've mentioned before. Since I am also a food nerd, it shouldn't surprise you that after watching enough Japanese shows where they eat this gorgeously arranged soup concoction, I just had to figure out what it was and where I could get it!!
I mean seriously, how awesome does that look?? I don't even know what those meat things are, but who cares!! And believe me, it's EVERYWHERE. Anime takes its food animation seriously, people. I had to find some. Oddly enough, the first time I got to taste this glorious heaven-in-a-bowl was in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Not exactly where you'd expect to find a Japanese classic done really well! Needless to say, I feel madly in love, and have been chasing delicious ramen joints ever since. I spent a week researching where to eat it in Washington DC, tracked down a decent place in Salt Lake City, and found 3 places here in Denver, hooray!! I figured it would be years before I could learn to make it myself, it's supposed to take like 4 days and handmade noodles and who knows what else, so when I saw this recipe appear on Fork Knife Swoon (one of my new favorite blogs, btw), I nearly fell out of my chair with excitement! Knowing it was a shortcut version of "the real thing", I will admit my expectations were pretty low, but Oh. Man. I don't know how she managed to get this much flavor into this broth in under an hour, but she's a genius and I am forever grateful! This, my dear friends, is my new favorite food. I'm literally boiling water for my eggs as I type this. 

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Cinnamon Crumble Breakfast Cake

So, apparently it takes 10 inches of snow overnight on top of a layer of frozen slush to cancel school here in Jefferson County. First snow day since we moved to Colorado!! That's three years! Oh, and it's still snowing. And I really need to go to the grocery store, and really don't want to... On the plus side, it's gorgeous, and cozy, and I get to hang out in my pajamas all day and let the boys be complete couch potatoes. I'll order them outside at some point, but lately their version of playing in the snow entails creating nests in the snow and sitting there, eating snow. In their defense, this fluffy, light as air stuff is completely useless for building anything, including snowballs. So, fresh air at least, right?

I didn't get a chance in my last post to apologize for disappearing for a month. February seems to be my slump-month, where it's hard to get inspired or motivated about much of anything. Maybe because I spend so much energy being excited about Christmas! I may take little breaks now and then, but I promise I'll never disappear completely without letting you know! Thank you for sticking around. :)

Monday, February 23, 2015

Weekly Menu Feb 23

This week we have:
Cinnamon Crumble Breakfast Cake
Weeknight Homemade Chicken Ramen
Best Chocolate Cake Ever

For today, February 23...

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Perfect Yeast Donuts

Okay, I know today was supposed to be Double Chocolate Banana Bread, and I promise you'll get your chocolate fix, but you guys, I JUST MADE DONUTS!!! And you know what?? They were pretty easy!! I rarely sit down and immediately blog the thing that I am still munching in one hand, but this is kind of a big deal. Because now YOU need to make donuts!!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Small & Wonderful... PUPPIES!!!

 After three or four visits, with all kinds of crowds, we have a new canine member of the family! At the end of January my parents are bringing home their new puppy!! We figured this makes him Bracken's uncle...?
 Meet Moose the Second!!