May 15, 2016

Raspberry Rhubarb Crunch

I. Love. Rhubarb. Unfortunately, it is kinda hard to find around here, at least reliably. If it wasn't so early in the year, I'm sure I could count on our awesome farmers markets, but sadly, they start up right after rhubarb season is ended. So every time I go to the grocery store I eye the tiny space that holds the rhubarb for a few weeks... usually they're too big, too tough, too old, too green... But every once in a while I get lucky, and they're just right, slim and snappy and ruby red. And when they are, I bring home a big bag and make this, my favorite rhubarb dessert ever! You could use just rhubarb; or add strawberries, the classic combo, but I love the tartness of rhubarb and like to complement it with tangy raspberries. Either way, it'll be delicious!!

April 16, 2016

Lemon Cream Cheese Coffee Cake

TA-DAH!!! How do you like the new look?? I felt it was about time for a teeny bit of sprucing up around here! I have to figure out a way to move my recipe index to one of those tabs, but other than that, it's all ready to go! I love it, it's cleaner and brighter and makes me happy! Plus, I did it ALL by myself! *pat on the back* Code and everything, woohoo! I hope everyone likes it. :) Please leave a comment if you find any errors or malfunctions! Also, I finally joined the social media parade and created a Facebook page for Dimples and Delights, and you can follow it with that cute little red Facebook button in the right column. See you there!

Time for something yummy and sunny, because yet again we're getting dumped on by a snowstorm! Supposedly, we're going to get 8-14 inches, but it's going to have to take it up a notch if we're going to get there. I shall snuggle in and bake some bread (very excited about this recipe!) and try to resist the urge to bake gingerbread (it's just so Christmassy outside!) and pray that this storm doesn't destroy what is left of my poor lilac bush. The last one that we missed while in Utah broke a few crucial branches. Sadness. Oh well!! At least it's still alive! I can't help it, even now, snowstorms are fun. The slushy muddy days after them, not so much, but I'll always be a sucker for snow.

March 30, 2016

Meet Mei Li Kay!

The blogging itch has been growing the past few weeks, and last night I got a pretty huge boost of motivation! Some of you may have seen it, but just in case, Buzzfeed posted a list of 25 High-Altitude Recipes and FIVE of them were mine! I had over 3000 hits in 24 hours! Welp, turns out that was the final push I needed, and I'm baaaack! I posted some epic chocolate cupcakes yesterday, and today I'm catching you up on life. Specifically, my 4 year old distraction from blogging, Mei Li Kay!

March 29, 2016

Ultimate Chocolate Ganache Cupcakes

You might notice that this is the very first cupcake recipe on this blog. Ever. In 5 years. That's because I'm not a huge fan of cupcakes, to be perfectly honest. They're just too sweet for me! But this is not just any cupcake. Noooo, this is THE most chocolate-y cupcake I've ever encountered. This cupcake is so amazingly delicious that it even earned itself a nickname and a cute backstory. We call these babies "Chocolate Puppies". Why? Well, my Mom used to be THE resident treat-maker for my Dad's office. Considering this office changed every three years, thanks to the US Air Force, that was quite a badge of honor. Certain cookies and breads of her making became famous across multiple Air Force bases! So one day she hauled a few dozen dozen of these cupcakes to the office and one of the captains, a fellow chocolate fanatic, was so enraptured with them that after his first bite, he was going on and on about how good it was. He was cradling it by his face and my mom said, "Terry, get a hold of yourself! You're holding that thing like it's a puppy or something!!" Thus the nickname Chocolate Puppies was born. I actually posted them forever ago, but the pictures are simply atrocious, plus I tweaked them (of course!).

December 22, 2015

Favorite Christmas Treats

I said I wasn't going to post, but I'm sitting here waiting for my second batch of caramels to hit "soft ball" and realized that heck, there are a few more days until Christmas, maybe a few of you are looking for a last treat or two to whip together, so here is a compilation of my very favorite Christmas treats. Enjoy, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!

First up, since they're the one that gave me this idea, Classic Caramels. Perfect, chewy, buttery caramels, and not as tricky as you might think!

It's been a while...

Hello friends! I kinda dropped off the face of the earth there, didn't I. Last thing you heard, I was off to the UK! Our trip was glorious, heavenly, an absolute dream come true. As excited as I was for Scotland, the Yorkshire Dales totally captured The Geologist's and my heart, so if the bottom drops out of the petroleum industry, we're totally moving there and opening a B&B. And we'll go camping in Scotland and Wales on the weekends. That's the plan!

I'm sorry I haven't been posting, this whole adoption thing kind of took over my life. 85% of my brain is in China with Meili, and I am not good for much else these days! In fact, so much has happened, things have moved along pretty quickly, and we fly to China NEXT FRIDAY. Just like our trip to the UK, I can barely wrap my head around it, but I will be holding my little girl on January 4th!