March 4, 2013

Weekly Menu Mar. 4

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This week we have:
Chicken Gyros

For today, March 4...

Outside my window... Today is cold, cloudy, and snowing off and on in little flurries. It's actually the best possible day for it!

Around the house... We're being calm, quiet, and cozy today! My poor little Stephen woke up with a fever and a sore throat, so we're watching lots of movies and snuggling up with popsicles and warm blankets. Poor guy, he was so upset to miss school!

I am thinking... After a weekend of being the invalid, sleeping lots, and taking it easy, I feel refreshed! Ready to take on this week and all that it holds!

I am going... Tomorrow is a "girl's night out", I can't wait!! Wednesday is choir, Thursday is adoption training, a full week ahead! Gotta make sure I get the Beastie out more this week, she was neglected last week!

I am thankful... I am thankful for calm days, for the fact that it's grey and gloomy outside to make it feel even cozier inside today, for Netflix instant watch, and for a chance to spoil my boys a bit. We've all had it a little rough the past few weeks, crankiness and short tempers all around, and it's nice to feel back to my old self!

I am pondering... I'm learning so much from these adoption classes. So many things that I remember figuring out earlier in my parenting experience, then forgetting. Why do we do this? Parenting really is a learning process, from beginning to end! I'm learning more and more that the situations that frustrate me the most are because I am not in control of my self! Can't blame it all on the 5-year old, right? He's still learning how to be a person! Must stay calmer, must be more patient. I can do it!

I am hoping... Hoping Stephen will be better soon, that I can stay on top of life this week, that I can get back to eating real food soon, and that my new camera will arrive soon! I can't wait!! The Geologist let me get a new camera as an early birthday present! Considering the cheap piece of junk I'm using at the moment, you should see some serious improvements in my pictures!

I am looking forward to... Girl's night!! I haven't had time with friends in weeks! Life is so busy around here these days, I haven't been able to go to playgroups or activities or anything. I miss my friends! I just hope they still let me come, kid germs and all!

Something new about me... After moving away from a group of best friends in middle school, I rarely had girl friends growing up, I usually hung out with the guys. I was intimidated by girls growing up, and women as I got older. It takes me quite a while to make friends, unless I am lucky enough to be dropped right into the middle of an awesome group of gals like I have been here! I usually feel loud, awkward, and weird around other women my age, and I'm afraid they'll think I'm weird... One of the reasons I love blogging! You can take me or leave me :)

Guilty pleasures... GIANT dogs. I mean the biggest, tallest, most dignified dogs there are. Irish Wolfhounds, Giant Schnauzers, and definitely Great Danes. I call them "guilty pleasure dogs" because I adore them but would never own one! They're just too big! And they don't live very long. But I love them. :)

Favorite Things... Windows. Isn't this one fabulous? I would love to have a window like this in my dream kitchen. I want lots of windows, lots of light. I love looking outside, watching weather and wildlife, the changes of the day. My favorite times of year are the times when the weather is so perfect that you can leave the windows open all day, letting that fresh air drift through, piles of paper beware!


  1. April I sure enjoyed reading today,hope everyone feels better soon.

    1. Thank you, Joe May, we're improving! :)

    2. Whoops, sorry for the E, blame the autocorrect :)

  2. I'm so glad you're feeling better, April and hope your little one does the same soon! Looking forward to your recipes this week!

  3. What did you do for Girl's night Out?
    I'm torn. I love your pictures, but I miss your own ones. Hopefully this new camera will inspire you to try some artsy stuff.
    You ought to let the boys try taking pictures with the old camera. Stephen really had fun using my phone to take a bunch of pictures.

  4. We went to go get pho! There's a street here with about a dozen pho places on it, it's kinda funny. It was a blast!! I know, I've been slacking on taking my own pictures. Caught up in the current whirl that is our life!! Just a couple more weeks, and I will get a bit more breathing room. Just a bit!!


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