March 18, 2013

Weekly Menu March 18

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This week we have:
Gruyere & Lemon Herb Artisan Bread
Biscoff-Filled Snickerdoodles

For today, March 18...
Outside my window... It's bright and sunny today! Looks can be deceiving though, because even though we had temperatures in the seventies last week (I know! Craziness!!) it looks like winter is back this week. It's chillier than it looks out there!

I am thinking...
Oh goodness, my mind is all over the place today! Unpacking the house, planning my organization (time for all those homeless piles to have a home!), planning my cooking and menu, getting all services up and running (yay for internet!), worrying about my appointment... yeah, crazy mental state over here.

Around the house... it's a disaster, of course! The kitchen always takes the longest. I have so much kitchen stuff! And figuring out where all the food is going to go... I think we'll have to get an extra shelf... Our bedroom is always the last to be put together. The boys' room is pretty much done, so Joe is taking a nap while I tippity-tap away on here.

In the kitchen...I've got to knock out most of this week's recipes today! Start the bread tonight, make the salad and cake for dinner, and fill my new cookie jar!

I am creating... Well, not much right at the moment, but lots of planning. I finally bit the bullet and bought a cookie jar. I've never been able to find one exactly the way I wanted, so I picked a big, thick, glass apothecary jar, and I want to find a stencil and frost the word "cookies" on it. I'll show you how it turns out!

I am looking forward to... Bollywood night!! First try here, with my new group of friends! I've discovered through extensive research that Bollywood has about a 75% conversion rate. So I have a good chance of getting a couple of ladies who fall in love! I can't wait!! :)

One of my favorite things... Mah jong. Let me clarify: not the solitaire version, the stacking tile game most people play on apps or the internet. I'm talking about the ridiculously complicated original version. Now, I don't know how to fully play it yet. I'm learning. And I have an app that lets me practice and put together simple hands. I'm starting to learn the full game, and its crazy!! But I love it, I'm not sure why. It's fascinating! I first got hooked through an anime (surprise surprise!) about competitive mah jong. Does that make me sound like an old lady or what?!

I am thankful... for The Geologist's lenient schedule! He's coming home early so I don't have to take the boys with me to my appointment. Trying to keep an eye on them while getting my mouth cut open?? No thank you!! We're so lucky that his schedule allows him some leeway to help me out!

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Guilty Pleasures... French Fries. A classic, right? I inherited this one from my Mom. I remember going through the drive-through at McDonalds just for fries. No reason, no real food, just fries. In fact, does anyone remember when the major fast food chains had the competition for best fries? Burger King won, but they don't make them like that anymore. They probably used something terrible and delicious, like lard. Fresh, hot, crispy, salty fries. Mmm, I think I need to go get some today... they count as soft food, right??

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Something new about me... I love mice. Not the big ones that might as well be rats, just the teeny ones that are all ears. I know they're supposed to be pests, and I definitely don't want them in my house!! But they're just so cuuuute!! When I was little, and we lived in Michigan, I caught a mouse in our basement in this yellow plastic ball thingee. I wanted to keep it forever and ever, but of course, had to "release it into the wild". I'm sure it probably just came right back to the basement, and avoided the crazy little girl with the plastic ball... I saw a mouse on our patio last night, and it made my day. He can't get into the closet, or the house... I might have to feed him birdseeds...

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