March 11, 2013

Weekly Menu Mar. 11

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This week we have:
Biscoff Crunch Banana Bread
Blueberry Muffin Cookies

For today, March 11...

Outside my window... It is DEFINITELY March! The weather is all over the place! We were supposed to get the "storm of the season" this weekend, 8-15 inches of snow and blizzard winds... instead we got slush. Bleck. Today it's been warm and sunny, cloudy and chilly, windy and still... The boys are very seasonally confused!
Around the house... Joe is still taking a while to get over his bug, makes him tired and a tad cranky. But that's okay, he's still a good errand running buddy! Gotta go check on my teeth, stock up on the baking essentials (butter, eggs, and butter. Oh, and some butter) make some phone calls... getting ready for our move!

I am thinking...Thank GOODNESS for the internet!! My teeth (or lack thereof) were hurting terribly, and the medicine they packed them with was making me SO sick, so I looked it up on the good ole' WWW, and discovered that clove oil is the best thing in the whole world for tooth pain! I mean pain gone. And if you've had wisdom tooth pain, you know that nothing touches it!! Just had to pass that one on, because it was a serious lifesaver!

I am going... All over, the usual! Just two more weeks of serious business, then my schedule calms down a tad. Of course, once the training is over, then the rest of the adoption process begins. But it won't be scheduled... oh who am I kidding! Time to just get used to it! :)

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I am thankful... So very very very thankful for friends!! Girl's night out was an absolute blast, Amanda saved my behind when I was sick, and I'm getting Bollywood night up and running again! It's so wonderful to have friends. :)

I am hoping... I hope the swelling in my face goes down before my very first choir concert this weekend!! I can sing, kinda, and I won't miss it, but it will be MUCH more enjoyable without a puffy, sore face!

I am looking forward to... Honestly? Leftovers!! I'm having one of those days where I think about food from the minute I wake up, and I cannot WAIT for my chicken gyro tonight! I almost had one for lunch... but there isn't enough to have one for lunch AND dinner... so I must wait. Yeah, I'm going to have to make a new batch awfully soon. Like, this week. Maybe more than once.

Something new about me... I have a tendency to go on "food phases". I pick something I really like (or have recently discovered) and eat it every day for weeks and weeks. And of course, I perfect it, and develop a scientific system for making them! Like when I made egg and cheese bagel sandwiches, to melt the cheese perfectly you put the pan you cooked your eggs in upside down over the top of the sandwich. Voila! Guacamole, very specific sandwiches, Vietnamese egg rolls, granola and greek yogurt with raspberries, ham and cheese omelettes... This usually isn't a bad thing, unless the thing I pick is on the less healthy end of the spectrum, like toasted cheddar cheese covered bagels and cream cheese... yeah, those can get you after a few days...

Guilty pleasures... Corn dogs with mustard. I know, how awful, right?? But a fresh-out-of-the-fryer corn dog with lots of mustard is one of those things I cannot resist. Luckily, I only get them a few times a year! Except for that one time they became a "food phase"... yeah, that didn't end pleasantly.

Favorite Things... Cinnamon. One of the greatest spices ever in the whole world! Sorry, but I'm on a bit of a cinnamon kick lately!! Prepare for lots more cinnamon-y recipes in the next few weeks!


  1. I'm with you April! I love cinnamon too! That and Cardamom have to be two of my favourite flavours ever! I always love your daybook entries. I am hoping that your move runs as smoothly as can be. Love you lots and lots and lots! Oh, I was thinking, I have a special phone plan, maybe after this business with my mom is finished and things get back to normal maybe we could talk on the telephone? Just a thought. That would be so cool! Love you muchly, xxoo

  2. Bummer, sorry it's taking so long for your face to recover. How do you use the clove oil - do you swish it with water, or dab directly on? I get ghost pain & toothaches in my teeth and it'd be awesome if clove oil could help with that. Get better soon! *HUG*

    1. Dab it directly on. The Red Cross toothache kit is awesome because it comes with skinny tweezers and tiny cotton balls. If you get the oil anywhere else, or swish it around with water, it will burn like the dickens for a minute or two. If you get it on your tongue, use olive oil to get rid of it, works like a charm :)


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