March 25, 2013

Weekly Menu March 25

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This week we have:
Chocolate Strawberry Muffins

For today, Dec. 4...

Outside my window... Sunny again today! We had so much fun with the snow this weekend. We got about a foot of it! The boys built a snowman, the first of the winter! It's starting to melt, but we got lots of fun out of it.

I am thinking... Spring Break could not have come at a more perfect time. I get to sleep in, the boys and I get to spend fun time together, Stephen gets a break from school (they're working him hard!) We'll spend some time being lazy and watching movies, go on some fun outings, make lots of treats, take the beastie out for rambles, it'll be wonderful! And did I mention catching up on sleep?? Healing takes a lot of energy!

I am thankful... that my wisdom teeth are finally healing, for real this time! The swelling is going down, the pain is nearly gone, and I'm done with follow-up appointments! Hooray!!

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I am wondering... Why do people feel the need to be so mean in blog comments?? I came across one the other day that was just nasty. To another commentor, for no reason! Does it really make them feel better about themselves? It's sad, really. The author of another blog I love mentioned that she gets hateful comments pretty frequently, and I can't understand why! Why read and follow a blog just to be a jerk in the comment section? Well, I can tell you this, anyone who comments like that on my blog will be deleted!

I am looking forward to... Thursday. I can't WAIT!! My first concert ever!! The Geologist bought me tickets to go see Lindsey Sterling for Christmas! She's an amazing "hip-hop violinist" that the boys and I are in love with. Check out her YouTube channel here if you'd like to see why I love her so much! (Skip the "Radioactive" cover, it's not the greatest)

Around the house... Well, other than 2 boxes of randomness, we are unpacked! I can't take credit though, most of the work happened Saturday, when The Geologist got antsy. He's one of those guys who can't relax for more than a few hours, then he has to be productive. Now all that is left is some organization and hanging pictures!

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One of my favorite things... Old stone cottages. English, preferably. My dream home... with ivy climbing the walls, roses and lilacs and an apple tree, an overgrown garden with flowers, of course, and raspberries and cucumbers... I would spend about a billion dollars fixing up the inside, knocking down walls to open up rooms and let in light... and it needs a window seat, somewhere. I'd settle for a garden swing...

A peek into my (our!) day... My sweet boys got their own cereal and let me sleep in. Then we watched a movie, made a grocery run, and played outside in the snow! Bracken discovered a new talent, sled fetching! She got so excited about it that she would race the boys to the bottom of the hill, and sometimes try to "fetch" the sled right out from under them!

Guilty Pleasures... Biscoff spread, straight from the jar. With a spoon. This is a new discovery! And the only thing I've ever eaten out of a jar with a spoon. I got The Geologist hooked too, he said I'm not allowed to buy any more. Yeah right!!

In the kitchen... Sorry for bailing this weekend, what with the choir concert, Bollywood night, a talk in church and a primary lesson, I was a tad bit overwhelmed! Don't worry, I'll do the bread this week (I need another try anyway) and the Snickerdoodles later today. I'm looking forward to making some fun breakfasts this week for me and the boys, that of course I get to share with you! Also, I've got to keep that cookie jar filled, so I think there will be weekly cookie recipes in the future!

Something new about me... I am a spelling, grammar, and punctuation nerd. Yes, I'm the one who cringes at misspelled words, would LOVE to edit your homework, never had to study for vocab tests, and actually punctuates and capitalizes my texts. I was going to be an English teacher, but I got married instead. One of these days I'll go get an English degree! Until then...

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  1. I'm with your mum, Peonies are a must along with Holly Hocks and Fox Gloves and Delphinium. I love Biscoff spread and I have been known to eat it from a jar. I don't pay attention to the negativity myself. The delete button is a handy thing. I don't get people that think they can go around raining on other people's parades like that. What do they gain from it? It's like spitting in the wind . . . sure to come back and haunt you one day. I am glad your teeth are feeling better. And that you have a husband who is so organized. I am lucky that way too, although I do have to admit that his pedantic organizational side does drive me up the wall from time to time! Love you loads! xxoo


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