March 16, 2013

Small and Wonderful Things 21

Berries of all shapes, sizes, colors, and flavors. My favorite form of fruit. 
Source: marcusnilsson

Popcorn. And the way The Geologist chases Bracken around, shaking the bag at her. She hates the sound, but as soon as he stops, she's at his heels, begging for a piece! She loves popcorn almost as much as I do... Oh popcorn, how I miss you!

Source: novemberchild

Groomers who are inexpensive and make my beastie look gorgeous!! And lose about 10 pounds of hair :)

This sign. I need one for my kitchen. Except it should be a muffin instead of a cupcake...

What am I going to to when this kid goes to school next fall??

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