October 22, 2012

Weekly Menu Oct. 22

You may have noticed that there is no rhyme or reason to what I post, and I post significantly more sweet treats than savory. Well, it's time for a change! And I am excited for this change. Stephen gets credit for the idea, though. Thank you, my love!

From now on, every Monday I will give you a menu for the week! A main dish, sides, bread/rolls, and dessert. As they are posted, I will link them back up to each menu post. There will still be plenty of sweet treats, because I have 2 extra days. And if I don't have a new side or bread to post, I'll post something breakfast-y! This way I can organize my recipes, you get a better variety, AND it takes all the stress out of deciding what to post every day. It will also force me to get creative and eat more vegetables. :) And spend as much time looking for real food as I do for sweet things... Always good!!

This week, we have:

Are you excited?? I am!!

Our Pumpkin Family Portrait

Also, I'd really like to give my Nibbles and Novels link party another try, the first of November. Anyone interested in co-hosting with me, to find a few more literary-minded friends? Please send me an email if you'd like to join! Thank you!


  1. Your picture is my desktop! How did you do the beautiful lettering?
    Good idea, Stephen! I dare you to do stuffed grape leaves!!

    1. Used a program called picasa, and found that particular font online (used it for the dimples and delights banner!) and downloaded it.

  2. Yay! I always need help coming up with a menu for the week!

  3. Sounds like a yummy week! I love the sounds of all of your recipes but I am a total sucker for pancakes so I'll look forward to those!

  4. Your menu sounds delicious and I love the pumpkins! We have Mary's out on the front porch.

  5. Great idea and great sounding Menu April! Man, you are organized! I have got my talk written so now I can play and you were the first person I visited. I would love to participate in your nibbles and novels. Tell me more. E-mail me so I know all the rules! xxoo

  6. PS - I have a really good giveaway coming up on my blog soon! A giant Christmas Cracker from Hotel Chocolate and they will ship to the US! Squeeeee!!

  7. This is fantastic approach to food blogging! Good job, friends!


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