October 14, 2012

Small and Wonderful Things 3

A whole store full of Le Creuset (the Queen of Dutch Ovens) in gorgeous colors (Lavendar or Green!? I can't decide!!) and the tiniest, most adorable Dutch Oven ever. I don't have any idea what you would use it for, but I want one. To cuddle.

Joe asking, "Can we have chili leftovers for dinner?" "No, sorry, there aren't any left." "But you could make some leftovers!"

Pomegranate Cherry Juice. Yum!!

Little Stephen noticing that my shoulder hurt, trying to rub it for me, and carrying everything, all day.

Birdhouses, always. 

Finding a patch of Forget-Me-Nots behind a log in a rocky waterfall canyon.

Being able to feed missionaries again!!

My Mom calling simply to ask how the theme song to Charlotte's Web goes. Because she knew I'd know the answer, always. And I'd be right :) 

Marveling at the frost with Joe...

"The beautifullest part of frost is that it sparkles in the sun!"


  1. I've been waiting all day for this. Thanks!

    Don't spend $300 on Le Creuset until you give the Costco one a try. Mine is holding up beautifully, and now they have an oval one.

    That is a GREAT picture of a forget-me-not.

  2. So sweet! I love how simple things can bring so much joy!

  3. I love Joe's wit! And I think I would love a dutch oven to cuddle with, too! X)

  4. I want that little casserole dish. Perfect for one. Want to fall in love with something else?? I know . . . just look at the Mason Cash Enamour range. Love, Love, LOVE!! I think you are such a dear April. You make me smile with every visit. Sorry I have been so lax lately. Too much happening, but I promise to do better! xxoo

  5. I have several of the mini dutch ovens and wish I could find even more reasons to use them 'cause they're so cute :). They are great for macaroni and cheese, souffles, or cobblers in small portions...really, anything that you bake, but can split up into individual portions. I have the red one in the photo, and 4 Staub ones in different colors :)

    1. I ended up getting a trio for Christmas!! I love them but I've only used them once. I really need to learn to make souffles, that would be perfect... Add it to the list!! :)


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