October 29, 2012

Weekly Menu Oct 29

I LOVE this new menu thing!! It's so fun to plan one big bloggable meal, and then NOT have to photograph everything else I eat. And I love the organization!! Yes, I did have one hiccup with the dessert last week, but that's because I wasn't quite caught up yet. From now on, I shall be. The recipes I chose this week are all very easy, and very simple, but perfectly delicious. (Okay, the coffee cake is a bit more complicated, but that's okay!) All together, they made one of the yummiest meals we've had in a long time. And it's fun for me to figure out actual measurements for things I usually just "wing it" on. 

Remember, Thursday is November First, which means Nibbles and Novels!! Please oh please join up this month, any of your posts about or inspired by books!! I'll be posting a recipe, but even if you have an old book review or something, I'd love you to share it!! 

This week we have:

The New Pumpkin Family Portrait

In other news, I participated in my first "swap" party a little while ago, and it's time to link up! We were all supposed to meet new blogging friends, learn a bit about them, and then send them a pair of fun socks (or something sock-related) I hope Courtney from Chase All Your Dreams likes the ones I sent her!! They were fun to find. Mine are from Britt at Yellow Umbrella, and they are so fun!! Thank you Britt! And thank you Sarah from Life in A Break Down for hosting! I can't wait for the next one :)
I'm wearing one from each pair. I think they work, don't you??


  1. I love fun socks and I think the ones you were gifted are ADORABLE. What a fun idea!

  2. I'm excited for that beef brisket. Also, love the pumpkin eating the other pumpkin. ALSO, I have a giveaway going on (I was inspired to do my first giveaway after you did your first giveaway! (-;

  3. Yay, so excited for Nibbles and Novels! I have a book review post ready for link up :)

  4. They look perfect like that! I am glad ya like them, it was fun!


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