October 7, 2012

Small and Wonderful Things 2

Hooray!! It's General Conference. This is the weekend we listen to the prophet and leaders of our church give special talks about Christ and the gospel to everyone, worldwide!! Other than Christmas, it is my favorite holiday. We're making lots of yumminess and being very cozy!!

Thanks to my Mom, I have decided to make my "little things" posts a weekly thing. It's official! We now have Small and Wonderful Sundays!

But this Sunday I want to tell you about something that may seem small to some, but it huge to me.
Our stake choir.
I've been singing practically since I could talk. I was in choir all through middle school and high school, had the lead in the high school production of Pirates of Penzance, participated in a world-wide singing of Mozart's Requiem, and desperately wanted to minor in music in college. Getting married at 19 kinda put a dent in that last plan. Since then I have wandered in and out of church choirs, (usually out) and 5 years ago joined a stake choir to sing Rutter's Requiem. I even got a solo, as the original soloist got sick! It was my favorite solo of my life. Since then... no choir. No singing. I have deeply missed music. 

But then...

Stephen randomly signed up to clean the church building our 1st Saturday here after moving in. And just happened to meet someone who told him there was a stake choir that started practices a few weeks ago...

So I decided to give it a tentative try. (I'm welling up as I write this!!)

The choir is fantastic. We're practicing Christmas Music. My favorite Christmas music. And will perform with a symphony and a handbell choir. OH! And most miraculous of all, they're short on first sopranos!!! Those of you who have been in choir know that that never happens. First sopranos are the ones that sing those crazy notes that float around above all the other normal people notes, and generally have big ole' egos. :) So even though I happen to be a first soprano, I usually end up singing second; lacking that ego, I can sing those lower notes. But this choir NEEDS me to sing high!! They were so thrilled that I could!! Like I said, miracle. 

If you've ever heard the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sing Joy to the World, or the First Noel, we're doing those arrangements. So all those high notes at the end? I'm singing those. We did Joy to the World first, and I got goosebumps and couldn't stop grinning. After five years, I can still hit them!! And when we got to the high notes of the First Noel... I cried. I'm crying now just remembering. 

We have been so fully and deeply blessed with this move, but this one thing shows me without a shadow of a doubt that my Heavenly Father loves Me. He gave me the gift of singing again.
Source: P. Graham Dunn via Pinterest

(Hee hee, I love chickadees!! :)


  1. And I cried reading your post. You know that I know what singing does for your soul! I'm so happy for you, little songbird! : >)

  2. I'm so filled with joy reading this April, so so happy for you! Each post that you've written since moving, every chat or skype or tidbit of news glows with happiness. And this choir is beyond what I could've hoped for you! :D You deserve every drop of sunlight sis, no doubt about it!

  3. So glad you've entered into a season of blessedness. They're lucky to have your clear, angelic voice. But what is most invaluable is your love for what you do.

  4. April, I love singing and I love, LOVE General Conference. The thought when I am watching it that people I love the world over are watching it at the same time cheers my heart to no end. I am glad that you are enjoying choir in your new Ward and Stake!! How wonderful for you. I cannot sing like I used to. My voice is not what it once was, but I do love to listen and hum along. Perhaps one day you can sing for me! Oh what a lovely thought! xxoo

  5. That's awesome, April! I want to be in our ward choir so badly but it never seems to happen. I hope you enjoy it all!!

  6. April, I am so happy for you!! Go and sing your beautiful heart out!! :)


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