October 30, 2012

Oven BBQ Brisket

I love good barbecue. The smell, the taste, the tender meat... and the sauce! I'm one of those people who lives for the sauces. And gravies. And delicious pourable things of all kinds. French fries? Merely a vehicle for fry sauce. Mashed potatoes? Sure, they're great, but I claim all the gravy!! And while some barbecue purists believe all their flavor is in the rub, I'll take mine doused in sauce, thank you! Deliciousness.

The problem with most barbecue is that to truly do it correctly, you have to smoke things for years. I don't have a smoker, or years to wait. Luckily for me and my patience, my Mom has perfected the most simple, tender delicious brisket, and all you need is an oven. Plus lots and lots of foil. Oh, and your house is going to smell mouthwatering all day.

Oven BBQ Brisket
Printable Recipe

1 large beef brisket (2-3 pounds)
kosher salt and pepper
lots of foil
1 bottle (or homemade recipe) of your favorite BBQ sauce

Preheat oven to 250 degrees. Trim most of the fat layer off of the brisket. Leave a few thin-ish patches on.

Sprinkle both sides with salt and pepper. Lay the brisket, fat up, on 3 layers of foil, with enough extra to wrap completely around the brisket. Slather the top with BBQ sauce, making sure it is well-covered (this usually uses about half the bottle for me. We like KC Masterpiece Original)

Fold the foil over, and double-crimp the edges. Lay the whole foil packet on a baking sheet, and bake for 6-8 hours. Remove from the oven and let rest 1 whole hour. This step is critical!!!

After the hour rest, unwrap. Save the juices/sauce. Slice the brisket against the grain, and serve with extra sauce poured over.
This brisket turned out so tender it wouldn't even hold together in slices!! Those little patches of fat you left on will melt into the meat, making it oh-so-juicy and delicious!
Doused in delicious smokey sauce... to change the flavor, all you have to do is try different sauces! Smokey Texan style, sweet KC style, tangy Carolina style... I love them all!
Stephen likes to have leftovers in sandwiches. I wouldn't know, I never get leftovers :)
No knife needed! Super tender, flakey, fall-apart perfect brisket, with so little effort! Just make sure you invest the time in it, or it will turn out dry and tough. Go forth and barbecue!


  1. HEAVY DUTY FOIL, AND TRIPLE CRIMP!! (remember the war-cry of James Meinders!) It is a mystery where all that meat goes... you wrap up a slab the size of a barn, and when you unwrap it, it's the size of a small plate.. but it's a good plate!

    1. It really is nuts!! Mine literally shrunk to half it's original size. Craziness.

  2. We love brisquet and BBQ! This sounds so good. We are still eating the cookies and loveing them!

  3. a mouth watering delicious recipe.I wanna try it.thanks for such a great recipe.
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