October 27, 2012

Small and Wonderful Things 5

Awesome Fall nail polish!! (The picture doesn't do it justice. It has gold AND copper sparkles!!)

For once, being the only one in my family who DIDN"T catch the awful cold with the gucky sore throat!! Woohoo!!

Joe organizing all his Gardettos by type

Finding a new toy for Bracken that she adores instead of destroys.

Boys doing the laundry

Buying a muffin at a store and realizing that yours are WAY better

New, heavy, gorgeous, RED mixing bowls!!!

Snow. And Christmas songs. And already getting all fluttery with the magic of Christmas... So I'm early! So what!!

Chrysanthemum Bouquets!!!

Fall. I. Love. FALL.


  1. um... what exactly is Stephen doing IN the washer?

  2. I loveloveLOVE your SAWT posts. They are so delightful! I want that nail polish!! That pic of the boys doing laundry is awesome (I love how Joe's tongue is sticking out and of course, Stephen is doing the laundry with his *feet*)! Those red mixing bowls are gorgeous (maybe we should take a photo of those and put them up on the banner, lol!)

    And I'm jealous of the wintry Christmas-y Colorado Magic! Send some this way!


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