October 20, 2012

Small and Wonderful Things 4

I'm making a few changes to my weekly set-up around here, so from now on, Small and Wonderful Things shall appear on Saturday!! You'll find out about the other changes on Monday. I'm thrilled about them. Have a Delightful Day!!

Stephen (little) being so anxious to go to bed (?!) so that he can read, that he starts reading bedtime scriptures out loud by himself, and scolding Joe, "Joe! It's scripture time! You have to sit down and listen!!" 

He also reads us grocery ads.

My boys doing Winnie the Pooh's stoutness exercises.

Giant beanbags. Must have. 

Dinner Conversations and Joe's train of thought:

Little Stephen: "Mom, are horses still useful?"

Me: *expounding on the uses of horses*

Stephen: "GLUE."

Joe: "Mom?"

Me: "Yes Joe?"

Joe: "Glue and tape are both sticky. They stick to paper."

Using Bracken for a pillow.

Singing "Hey and Away We Go" with my boys. My favoritest childhood song, about the love of riding horses. Makes me misty every timeListen here.


  1. CHAOS!! the word is CHAOS!! wow. After 35 years... and Hergest was right. Beautiful place. You got me all blinkie-eyed on a glorious Saturday afternoon. Yup... me too... every time.

    And then I Laughed Out Loud at Joe's astute conclusion. What a guy.

    Tell Stephen that if he ever wants to brighten his Grandpa's day, to call him and read Home Depot, J.C. Whitney, or L.l. Bean flyers.

  2. hahaha at the above comment. That's a grandpa with a great sense of humor! I love these little snippets of family life you share with us. I wish so much that I could have raised my children in the church. I know not all families in the church are perfect or ideal, but I do believe that it is the only way to raise a family and I wish so much that could have been my own. alas, was not to be. Nevermind, I can be an influence for good in their lives now. Your family is so sweet and that is in no small part due to your influence. You are just a lil sweetie pie and such a good hearted woman. Love you to bits! xxoo

  3. Oh my goondness, they are SO cute! I love the fact that he is a reader, as an elem ed teacher, I am a BIG fan of that! :)


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