July 24, 2012

Stephen Disapproves.

He says I MUST post food today. But I don't WANT to post food today. My backup recipes are all main courses, and I want to do a baked something in between. I have no rational reason for this. Besides, since when is this blog all about him?! Ha! He's reading this. As I type. We're going to watch Downton Abbey on this wonderful little iPad. (season 2!!! Yay!!!) Actually, the reason I have to wait to post is that we are at the cabin!!! Tis glorious. And I am making yummy food here, in a MUCH bigger kitchen, but my iPad hates working with pictures, so you'll have to wait till thursday for those. And pictures of our adventures, but I will post those in our family blog and give you the link. So, give me 2 days, and I shall return with deliciousness!! And oh jeepers, do I have some SERIOUS deliciousness for you. Until then, Stephen would like to inform you all that he loves chocolate, but Dove chocolate is the best. And some foreign chocolates are good too. Hershey's tastes like wax, and Lindt tastes like powdered sugar. I, the non-chocolate crazy person, second that. I will leave you with a quote from Mozzie, of the brilliant show White Collar. "No one SENDS me, I GO places." What?! You haven't seen White Collar?! Go. Now. You'll love it, I promise. If not, I owe you... Something.


  1. Haven't seen white collar, but I'll look for it. I adore Downtown Abby! WE have both seasons on dvd and are looking forward to season 3 in the autumn! xxoo


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