July 6, 2012

Little Things

A list of little things that have brought me joy recently:

Joe skipping as fast as he can around the pool... because skipping isn't running, right??

The awesome pink-red of my toenails... (Thanks Jill!)

The pho guy who is completely baffled that I only want a container of broth, NO noodles... cuz he knows me, and I always get EXTRA noodles.

Listening to Bollywood music while blogging about food.

Watching Bracken pounce on the teeny purple ball she discovered... can't catch her on video though.

The fact that it rained ALL DAY when the weather only called for a 35% chance of rain.

When my fingernails are right at that point where they are long enough to be pretty, but not long enough to be in the way... I have pretty fingernails :)

Cream Cheese.

Stephen and Joe pretending to be "Nom Noms" from the app game "Cut the Rope", except calling them "nom-a-noms".

My Dad calling me for advice for cooking his potatoes.

Joe's prayer, "...and please help all the trees and plants grow, and the planets to stay where they are..."

Yeah. We can leave on that note. :)


  1. I second many of those! Especially the one about the rain. Oh, and I have one to add...the coconut gelato I had last night!

  2. Sounds like those little things are awesome! I miss you!


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