July 19, 2012

Home again, Home again...

Holy jeepers, this major-surgery-recovery stuff is no joke!! I've had my share of hospital visits, and a few C-sections, and thought I knew what I was dealing with. Um.... no. I thought at the very least I could get right back to baking! But the truth is, I can barely toddle around the house, and walk up the hill in the back to SIT while the boys and the beastie wear themselves out. And then I take a nap. So it might be a couple days. Sorry!! But I had such a wonderful afternoon full of lovely little things yesterday that I had to share, so at least you still get a post. And there will be food in it!

I loved my surgeon, but he must have been awfully busy yesterday because he didn't show up to let me go home till 2!! I was going a little nuts by then, couldn't eat because everything smelled like hospital, and I really needed to stop watching Animal Cops because it kept making me cry... (but there is NOTHING ELSE ON in the middle of the day!) But then finally, I was free!! And here's a great example of that "lollipop-on-the-corner" thing my mom was talking about: I was thrilled that my bandage matched my pants!
No really, ask Stephen, I mentioned it at least 3 times. I'm also grateful I splurged and bought these pants, they're so comfy and happy and it will be a while before I can wear jeans again! When I got home, there were "welcome home" pictures on the door, and all over the house. I have the sweetest three boys in the whole world.
"I have missed you, Love, your Chair" :)

The Red Vines need explaining. Every time I end up in the hospital, and they won't let me eat for 4 days, my food-obsessed brain always picks 2 things to focus on the whole time. Last time it was Red Vines and my mac-and-cheese, but I couldn't eat solid food between stays, so I was determined to indulge with a big ole' bag when I got out this time. So my super-hubby got me some. But the funny thing was... they tasted awful! I didn't even finish one! How odd, huh??
My girlie missed me like crazy. I have to admit, I missed her the most too, because I get to see my boys every day, but I don't get to see her!! She had her paws wrapped around my arm and was licking me to death...
And following me everywhere...

My Dad's office sent me these. Is that not the cutest thing you have ever seen!? It has a BANDAID for crying out loud!!!! AND it wasn't even his idea. I see a large box of cookies in their future. They sent an arrangement to my sister too, she went into the hospital the day I came out. Crazy time for my family.
And of course, there must be food. My first real food! Hooray!! This is one of my favorite things. Scrambled eggs and cheese on a bagel. Yum. My long-suffering husband was so sweet, trying his best to make it according to my very, VERY specific instructions. I have kinda perfected these. Its a little silly.
Sorry, but how perfect is that melty cheesy bit??
And last, but not least of my little things, thank you Autumn Wreath Yankee Candle for making my whole house smell like baked things in the fall, so that I could get that horrible hospital smell out of my nose.

I'm so happy to be home.

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