July 7, 2012

Red Beans and Rice

There are so many different versions of this dish out there, from different cultures and different flavor profiles. Apparently this one started as a recipe Stephen's brother brought back from Brazil... but it used to have black beans... and they just kept changing it. So I got that recipe from my mother-in-law, and we tweaked it more to suit us! All of my boys love this meal, and you would not believe the platefuls of this stuff my hubby can eat! And I mean PLATEFULS. It's cheap, easy, flavorful, and makes great leftovers!

Red Beans and Rice
Printable Recipe

3 cans red beans
1 pound/package of country sausage
3 medium garlic cloves, minced
2 bay leaves
2 Tb Worcestershire sauce
1/4 cup of diced onion or 1 tsp onion powder
dash of Tabasco

If using onion, saute onion in 1 Tb oil in a large pot or saucepan on medium heat till soft and translucent. Brown sausage about halfway (you don't want it done yet) and add the rest of the ingredients, including the liquid from the canned beans.
Bring to a boil, then lower to medium-low simmer for 15-30 minutes. (It will be cooked through at 15 if you're in a hurry, 30 is better for flavor) Serve over rice!
It may look boring, but it's not! It's just plain yummy. Plenty of flavor from the sausage and the spices, filling and homey. A perfect starving-students-with-two-kids-and-a-dog meal. :)


  1. April!! I am SO HAPPY that you posted this recipe! I have to look up the email you sent with the recipe every time I go to make it, but it goes over VERY well in our house, too! The sausage MAKES the recipe, so don't anyone try subbing ground beef. And the Worcestershire, yum! I need to add sausage to my shopping list so I can make this again. Definitely a favorite recipe!

  2. Didn't this recipe used to have crushed tomatoes?

    1. Nope, you're getting it mixed up with round steak and rice :)


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