July 28, 2012

Big things, yummy things and blue things.

We, like many of you I'm sure, watched the Olympic Opening Ceremonies last night. We got started a little late, but I think we caught most of it. It was quite epic, wasn't it!! Some of my favorite parts were when the rings were joined and showered gold sparks (gave me goosebumps!), the children's choir singing "God Save the Queen", (got me all choked up and I wished I was British, yet again!) Mary Poppins vanquishing the baddies, and of course, Mr. Bean and his one note. I loved it when he made faces at the pianist.

The Queen's entrance was a riot. (She didn't really jump out of that airplane, right??) I love that she so obviously has a sense of humor. Sometimes the commentors were a bit annoying, but I did learn a few things! I didn't know about the 2 times London basically saved the Olympics. They certainly deserve to be the first city to host it 3 times! And wow, when all the little torches became one giant flame... that was amazing. Quite the epic fireworks show too! I must admit, after all that, I thought, "and we're ending with Paul McCartney? Really?" but getting the whole stadium, visitors and athletes from around the world to sing with him, that was a perfect ending. Loved it.

Bracken enjoyed the Olympics too! Okay, I fib. She enjoyed watching me eat popcorn. She knows I'll always share. Even though I shouldn't.
We went to the farmer's market again today. The produce stalls are increasing! Hooray! In a few weeks we'll probably be able to get all our produce there. I don't care if it's a little more expensive, it is so worth it! It tastes better and lasts longer. We got corn (hooray!!), green beans, tomatoes and peaches. And of course, another heavenly limeade. Mmmmm...
Look at my beautiful little hydrangea!! I think I'll name her Bonnie. I'm sorry, what? You don't name your plants? Well, I do. Not always, but some just cry out for a name. Like this one. :) Stephen wanted to get me one in the hospital, but wasn't sure if I liked them. I do! So he told me to pick one out at the store. *happy dance* Our grocery store actually has a lovely flower area. I picked a little one, because I want it to be easy to take with us when we move. She was just so perfect, with a few green-shaded petals and not a wilted one to be seen! She made me so happy I practically snuggled her all the way home.
Now I need to find a pretty flowerpot. Eventually, when we buy a house, I would love to plant her outside!! Unfortunately, I don't really have much of a green thumb... in fact, I kinda have a brown thumb... plants don't live long around me... I don't know why!! Does anyone have any tips for the "care and feeding" of a potted hydrangea??
Another silly blue thing. I'm a kinda addicted to salt water taffy at the moment, and blue raspberry is my favorite. Stephen grumbles at me when I buy it. I guess I do feel a bit guilty, but what's the fun of being "all growed-up" if I can't do whatever on earth I want from time to time?? And speaking of yummy things, I just HAD to use those fresh tomatoes today, so I made my favorite sandwich in the whole world... a BLAT!! Hee hee :) A BLAT is a bacon, lettuce, avocado, and tomato sandwich. Have you ever added avocado?? It's positively delicious!
Eh, it didn't photograph very well, but it was scrumptious. I always pepper my bacon when I fry it up (or rather, when I ask Stephen to fry it up for me... I always manage to burn it. One of the few things I just can't cook right!!) and sprinkle a teeny bit of salt on the tomatoes. Spread mayonnaise on toasted bread, top with lettuce, avocado, bacon, and tomato. You have built a BLAT! I love that name. 
This has the perfect sandwich ratio for me. 85% veggies, 15% meat. That's how I like my burgers too. Sometimes I wonder if I am borderline vegetarian... nah.
Does this count as a recipe??


  1. I'm a borderline Vegetarian April. I could happily eat on vegetables and nothing else, but every once in a while indulge in a good steak. And of course the Christmas Turkey! You would love my hydrangeas. We have about 10 of them in our front garden, all different colours and a few different varieties. So beautiful! I loved the Olympics opening ceremonies as well. I got very choked up at the beginning, I'm such a sentimental gal! It was very beautiful and I love that the Queen has a sense of humour! Another of my favorite parts and I LOVED that we were all kept waiting to see what those copper petals were for!! How FABULOUS was that olympic cauldron!! Love, Love, LOVED IT!
    Happy Sabbath! xxoo

    1. Maybe a chicken-arian... I do love chicken... Ohhhh, I would LOVE to see your hydrangeas!! I'll keep my eyes peeled for another garden post :)

  2. You'd have to have a super green thumb to get a hydrangea to thrive in Colorado. It needs a temperate climate, mostly shady site, and acidic soil. Did you know you can tinker with the color of the blooms by the acidity of the soil? If you grew it in normal dirty, the blossoms would just be blah. Salting the tomatoes is something we learned from Irene, right? It juices them up a bit. .... and that's MAYO.....not Miracle Whip! Right, Stephen? ;-)

    1. Darn... I guess she'll have to live in a pot... So how do I keep her happy in a pot?

    2. just keep doing what you're doing. Don't overwater, fertilize sparingly, repot once a year, acidify the soil when you do, or use special potting soil for hydrangeas and african violets.

  3. Comment from Stephen using April's iPad: gotta have that tangy zip.


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