January 2, 2014

Top Ten Recipes... So Far!

Happy New Year Everyone!!

Sorry for the lack of menu this week, we had quite the winter-vacation-plans adventure. First we were planning to go to the cabin this week, but news from The Geologist's family convinced us to go to Missouri instead, so we relinquished our cabin dates... Then EVERYONE in Missouri got sick, so that was canceled at the last second, but someone had taken our former cabin dates, so we couldn't go back to Plan A... Needless to say, I had no blogging planned for this week. Which is just as well, because we're turning it into Kitchen Makeover Week!!! I am so excited to show you our project! 

Until then, I think I'll follow suit with a lot of my favorite bloggers, and give you a Top Ten list! These are my top ten most viewed posts. (I would do "of the year", but I've only been blogging for a year and a half, so... oh well!) Some of them are complete surprises to me, while some of them would definitely be on my personal top ten. Have fun!

This one is absolutely the biggest shocker to me. It was such a science experiment, I had no idea so many people would want to know how to make bread in their slow-cooker! My aunt Renel totally gets credit for this one, she found a link on Pinterest and commanded me to make it. After over 26,000 views, boy am I glad she did!

Isn't that just gorgeous? This bread definitely makes it on my personal top ten. It's such an absolute cinch (even if it does require waiting 14-20 hours) and comes out looking amazing all by itself! Not to mention it's delicious :)

Wow, this one is from my very early blogging days! Even though the pictures aren't fantastic, I'm thrilled this humble little cake made it to the top ten, because it's one of the most delicious cakes I've ever made. Positively heavenly! It even made my un-American cooked-apple-hating Geologist go back for seconds!

Ah, these babies are definitely in my top ten!! It absolutely deserves to be up here! I've probably made these a dozen times since posting them, they're one of my favorite meals. You've got to try them!

These simple little cookies were another surprise hit! They might be my most pinned recipe of all! They are pretty scrumptious, and fun. :)

Considering I got the inspiration from these from the dozens of recipes on Pinterest, it's not really surprising this one made it. I'm just glad it was deemed good enough to be pinned all over the place as well!! I sure love them, and so do my kids!

Again, a Pinterest classic. I just happened to get lucky with some spectacular pictures of this one, though I can't take credit for the original recipe! Regardless, holy cow, these are decadently delicious. Have you tried them yet??

Yay!! Oh, this one makes my year! It didn't make it to the top ten (not even close) till this holiday season, but I am so happy it did! These are my favorite sugar cookies, and they are near and dear to my heart. I've been making them since I was a kid, they're from the Lion House cookbook, where my Grandma was the Food Manager for 8 years! But besides my celebrity connections, these cookies are scrumptious. :)

Another surprise! They're just Brussels Sprouts! I thought people hated these things. Not me, obviously, I love them!! The Geologist prefers the version with bacon, I love the lighter lemony-ness of these. Quite yummy, for an unpopular vegetable!

Last but not least, my first venture into the crunchy, scrumptious world of Biscotti, which has now become one of my favorite things to bake! And this Egg Nog version is still my favorite, though I've made quite a few others!

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  1. Great list there April! Lots of scrumminess. Happy New Year! xxoo


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