January 20, 2014

Weekly Menu Jan 20

This week we have:
Maple-Marmalade Glazed Ham
Cheesy Skillet Potatoes & Onions
Homemade Lemon Curd
Lemon Ginger Scones

For today, Jan 20 ...

Outside my window... It is a beautiful, sunny January week. We haven't gotten tons of snow this winter, but we've gotten enough to keep me happy! I'd love one or two more big snowstorms before the end, but I have a feeling those will pop up in March. Until then, the boys are loving being outside, and I am loving it too!

I am thinking... I need to lose a couple holiday pounds!! Time to get back into the healthy habits. Time to start walking again. (thank goodness it's just barely warm enough!) Time to detox off Spicy Cheetos! :) (Even though I'm totally eating them as I type this... But it's my last bag, I swear...*twitch twitch*)

I am thankful... MY PARENTS ARE MOVING TO COLORADO!!!! Oh goodness, you have no idea how thankful I am for this. They've been in the Air Force the whole time I've been married, and I've been lucky if I get to see them twice a year. This was especially hard the first few years of our marriage, because I lived VERY close (sometimes right down the street) from my in-laws, who I love, but it just brought it closer to home that I rarely got to see my family. My boys are their only grandchildren, and they adore each other, and we're going to have SO much FUN!!

In the kitchen... I gotta be honest, I'm flyin' by the seat of my pants this week! I've got nothing planned! But don't worry, yumminess will happen one way or another!

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I am hoping... Oh, I have so many hopes right now. I hope enough kids come to Stephen's very first birthday party this weekend. I hope it turns out fun, not too crazy, and that the kids enjoy it! I hope I can finally nail an angel food cake for the party... I hope our next homestudy visit goes well, and that we can move forward quickly after that. I hope my parents find a house they fall in love with. I hope I can stick to my new goals!

I am looking forward to... Tomorrow!! It's my Ninth Anniversary! My best friend and I have been married for 9 years, and tomorrow we're going out to lunch at my FAVORITE restaurant and going shopping for a bedroom set. I'm so excited! The food at this restaurant. Seriously people. It's my favorite in the WHOLE world!! I'll take pictures and tell you all about it.

Around the house... We have lots of projects going on, or soon to start! Lots of plans! We fell in love with a dining table and chairs online, but the Geologist nixed it because it didn't have a solid wood top. But I stumbled on the perfect DIY country dining table, so we're going to build our own!! I'm REALLY excited about it! We bought a used side table that he's currently re-finishing, and sometime in the next few weeks we'll start the big project of painting and wainscoting the whole living and dining rooms. I can't wait to see how it looks when it's done!!

One of my favorite things... ANYTHING by C.S. Lewis. Especially The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe series. How many of us wished we could find our own way to Narnia?? *Raises Hand* Meeee!!! The simple, yet deep and original writing, with everyday details and sparkling moments of humor resonate through the ages, and I can't wait to pass my love on to my children. 

A peek into my day... Today was pretty idyllic. Which is ironic, because yesterday was anything but! Stephen was supposed to be grounded today, but Joe begged for me to "spare him", so I caved. I'm glad I did, they were angelic today! I made scones and took pictures, then we went ice skating (it was FREE!) and picked up hot chocolate on the way home. Joe said, "Mom, this day is so awesome I feel like I might cry." Then they had some reading time and now they're eating those scones. I just realized I have no plan for dinner. Whoops!!

Guilty Pleasures... This one is hard for me to admit, so I'll say it quick and hide under my desk... *The Bachelor/Bachelorette*. I know, I KNOW!! I don't watch every season. And I used to get so MAD at them. Until I stopped thinking of them as real, and stopped caring about whether or not any of it was realistic. Then it's just hilarious. I will still admit a bit of shame while enjoying it, but hey, I'm not the only one, right??
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Something new about me... I am a total homebody. Besides really great restaurants, I would pretty much rather be curled up in comfy clothes at home with my hubby than out... well, just about anywhere! Some microwave popcorn, snuggling, and BBC tv and I am a happy girl. My husband is my favorite person, and I'd rather hang out with him than just about anyone! It's fun to go out once in a while, especially with friends (our girls nights are CRAZY!!), but most of the time I am boring. Sometimes I read magazines and things that talk about "spicing things up" and "getting out of a rut", and we try it from time to time... But our favorite are the simple pleasures. And we're happy that way!

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  1. Is that picture out of your window??? Oh my gosh what a beautiful scene with the birds!

  2. I love the birds picture too. I am really behind reading my blogs, so I am not sure how the birthday party went or if it even happened yet or not. I am excited for you about your parents moving closer. My son and I read all of the Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe books each night. We did one chapter every night.

  3. I'm a homebody too and that's how I feel about my husband too :)


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