September 23, 2012

Small and Wonderful Things

Teaching my boys that Ponderosa Pines smell like butterscotch. And sometimes vanilla. Even cinnamon and chocolate, very rarely.
Buying homemade cookies from two girls on the corner of our street, because they remind me so much of my little sister. (They were saving up for Halloween costumes :)

Discovering that our upstairs neighbor, who also goes to church with us, is a total geek about Brandon Sanderson (author) too!!!

My coin necklaces!! (I fell for the big Silver one too. You know me and British stuff!)
Finding out there is a Stake Choir that just started... which will perform with a symphony... and a handbell choir... and they have babysitting!! Score.

Joe bringing me a dandelion, as-wonderfully-always, and finding a tiny jar to put it in, all by himself.  
Stephen (little) deciding, all on his own, to draw a Get Well Soon card for a family member we've been praying for. 

I love my life. 


  1. The Ponderosas...
    HANDBELL CHOIR!??!? cool!
    So, what are you going to sing?
    I want a canvas print of the dandelion. In sepia. framed.
    6x6 ought to do nicely.

  2. I love the necklace with the coins! that is adorable

    I"m your newest follower from the Naptime Review Blog

  3. I love the necklaces, super cute! New follower here stopping by from the Mommy-Brain Mixer, blog hop!


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