September 13, 2012


Stephen defended his thesis yesterday! Here's how it was supposed to go: 25 minute presentation, 30 minutes for questions from whoever wanted to show up, then we all leave, and he has a two hour oral exam from his thesis board. They leave to discuss, come back with a conditional passing grade (we hope!): you pass, but make all these edits in the next few days and bring them back in.

Here's how it actually went: 25 minute presentation, half a dozen questions, 15 minutes alone with the board. Then they left, discussed for a few minutes, and came back to tell him: "You pass." Period. NO EDITS.


Most of the professors on his board have never passed someone with no edits. Even his favorite professor. A few have done it once. Which means: 1-My husband is completely awesome, and 2-WE'RE DONE!!! After 7 years of being married to a student, living on student loans, driving my laundry around, being one of the oldest couples in the neighborhood (how weird is that?!) depending on his school for everything... We're Done. The relief is unimaginable. *Sigh* We are so blessed, so grateful... I'm still reeling. In a good way!!

Tying up loose ends today, packing and loading tomorrow, driving away Saturday! Denver, here we come!! Now, I've been thinking lots about blogging+move, and I was going to keep posting backup recipes... but to be honest, I kinda want to hang on to those. So tomorrow I will post my last recipe until after we get marginally settled. Just for fun, I'm going to blog the move!! I won't disappear completely :) Stick around!

Oh, and fun thing for the day:

I came home from dropping Stephen off at school, to a very, very perky dog. She met me at the door, all ears up and briskly twitching tail, then bolted for my room. When I didn't immediately follow, she bounced back out to get me, so I followed to see what was so important...

I had left the window open... and our neighbors came by for breakfast!

 She just sat there... intent... until they left...


  1. What a good girl! She didn't jump on the bed!

  2. Congrats to Stephen and very cute pup!
    Mary x

  3. That is so awesome! Congratulations to your husband! I pray you have a safe and successful move. Your dog is so cute! I made the fresh peach and blackberry pie and it was a hit. So yummy and my husband loved it. We will be making that again. I plan on doing a blog post about it. So, will let you know and link your blog to it for the recipe.

  4. Congratulations! And good luck with the packing and moving!

  5. Ummm, wow that's awesome!!
    Hi, I am your newest follower! :) This is my first time to participate in this hop! I hope it is a great success for you. Looking forward to getting to know you. Have a great night.

  6. April, that is wonderful, so happy for you and your hubby. :) I bet it's such a huge relief!

    Have a great move!

  7. First of all, a great big pat on the back to your husband and congratulations for a job well done!! Way to go!! You will have to send me your new address!!! How can I surprise you without it?? It's a "must have!" your dog must be well trained!! I think Mitzie would have just watched as well.mshes kinda scared of other animals!! My dil is doing her Masters in Archeology this year. I know how hard your husband must have had to work, but I also know your loving support helped as well, so kudos to you too sweet girl!! Xxoo

  8. Sorry, April, I'm a bit behind on my reading- Just read your blog & CONGRATS to Stephen!! That is awesome news! So happy for you both!


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