September 6, 2012

Link & Mingle 3

Hooray! It's that most social time of the week again! Thank you people for forcing me to start this Pinterest thing! I'm find such great recipes, home ideas, and I have to admit... lots and lots of clothes. More on that later.
I feel like Thursdays have also become "April's Adventures into Social Media" days!! Have I mentioned often enough how OLD that makes me feel?! Yeesh! But it's also SO fun! Who knew that two of my favorite blogging ladies already knew each other?? Discoveries like that just make my day.
But today, I have to mention something that made my week. So when I first started my Pinterest page, I uploaded all my recipes! Then I figured out that isn't quite how it works, so I took them all down again. Yesterday I discovered... people are pinning my recipes!! I AM ON PINTEREST!!! Oh my gosh, I can't believe it. It's like being a celebrity! Or maybe it's not. But it sure thrilled little ole' me. If any of you pinners are part of this party, THANK YOU!! You're the bestest!

But ALL of you rock :)

The long of it is, the "Link and Mingle: Sisters in Blogging Social Media Linkup". The short is, the "Link & Mingle". Call it what you wish. :)

Meet our weekly hosts!

and for this week's co-hosts, we have
Faith | The Life of Faith

Thank you, ladies!

Links are connected to each header, to show you just what you should link up. :)

The "rules" are thus:
visit/follow/like as many links as you can,
link up to as many social media sites that apply to you (please link up only links that apply - blog posts and other links that do not apply will be removed),
share, tweet, and blog about this link party if you so wish,
grab the button {below},
and have fun meeting new people!

Links are connected to each header, to show you just what you should link up. :)

We would love it if you followed all of your hosts and co-hosts, but that's not mandatory. Just have fun! :)

If you would be interested in co-hosting this party periodically, send an email to {}.

Alright, ladies! Button-up, link-up, and meet-up! :)

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Link & Mingle

Thank you for linking up!


  1. Yay! What's your pinterest link? I would love to follow your pins! :)

  2. I need to get on Pinterest and start pinning your recipes one of these days! Congratulations on being famous, hun!! It really is so thrilling. I had Deseret Book pin one of my Conference quote printables, and I just about fainted. Pretty awesome stuff! :)


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