September 18, 2012

Guest Post - Shaylee, from Mother {at} Heart

Hi, Dimples and Delights readers!

I'm Shaylee, April's new friend from Mother {at} Heart.

While April is gone, I am in charge of doing a guest post for her. I was supposed to do this yesterday, but I was lame and let life get in the way of posting. So today, I'm going to post about one of my favorite subjects: my adorable [ adopted ] nephews. 

April's precious little sons have made me their newest aunt, and I couldn't be more thrilled. ;) X)

I got to spend all day Friday watching Joe and little Stephen (whom I now lovingly call "Pip") for her and Stephen while they got ready for the move - packing, loading, cleaning, etc.

During that time, I became a baby panda's mother while traveling to Samoa in our awesome and very speedy car; fed giant spiders cake-flavored chewing gum; discovered a baby monkey in California; and learned that Pip loves me 90%, just 10% less than he loves his Paddington bear - and much, much more. ;)

Check out these hunks of handsomeness:


[little] Stephen

My Boys
[and baby sister]

I seriously cannot get over how blinking cute they are. I miss them so much already, and I am very glad that I actually got to meet them before they left!

Also, since this post is about April's boys, I must talk about that wonder of a women too. ;) She's my officially adopted sister as of . . . the first time I met her. She is an amazing, amazing cook. She's a darling wife and a marvelous mother. She's cute and funny. She loves Bollywood movies/music - which I am not converted to as well. And, I pretty much adore her, almost as much as I do her boys - you know, about 90%. ;)

Thanks, April, for having me post!

Happy middle-of-September, friends! :)

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  1. Lucky you! April is one of my favourite people ever! I would love to spend some REAL time with her instead of only getting to visit her on here! Give her my love! xxoo
    PS - those are the cutest boys ever! You're pretty cute too.


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