September 9, 2012

I Love Farmer's Markets

There was no celestial pork, there were no mysterious burrito makers, but there were waffles. And Polish coins. And dragons.

We returned (like every Saturday we've been in town this summer) to the Farmer's market with a "wad" of cash, determined to buy more of those heavenly pork portions, freeze them and take them with us to Denver,  but they were nowhere to be found!! Perhaps they already sold all of their pork for the summer. So sad. Ah well, when Stephen is a billionaire oil executive, we'll just have it shipped to us. Also missing were the makers of burritos, who have no store, or truck, or restaurant, or premises of any kind, yet make the best burritos Stephen has had in years. So he settled for a hot dog loaded with chili and cheese.
And of course, ended up wearing it. 
This was the menu. Doesn't it look awful?!
I, of course, went for a higher fare, and tried the waffle truck that has rather high prices, but very, very yummy smells.

I couldn't decide between blackberries and peaches, so I got both! Soooo decadent...
See that mysterious brown substance? Some of my European friends may recognize it, it's Biscoff spread!! For some reason, I always thought Biscoff was peanut butter flavored. Ohhhh, no, it is NOT. It tastes like crushed cookies. Stephen is on orders never to let me buy this stuff, for I will lock myself in my room and eat it with a spoon. Tis love.
I think these waffles had some kind of sugar coating, because the outside was crackly and almond-flavored. They were amazingly delicious. I want another one, but they're so expensive!! I shared mine with the boys, it was HUGE.

On the way out, a stall with coin necklaces caught my eye. I didn't like any of the ones hanging, but I was intrigued! Turned out she had a box full of coins, and a tray full of baubles, and she let me design my own!! I was leaning towards something British (of course) but then I found a tiny coin from Poland!! I am half Polish. Perfect!! I found a bird charm and a pretty stone to go with it. I pick it up Thursday, and I'll show you how it turned out! Such a fun Farmer's Market day. We got a limeade, (of course) then the dragons went swinging.

On the way home, we stopped at our favorite Asian store to pick up some Thai basil and bean sprouts for Pho tomorrow. They have the best in town! There, on the front shelf in the store, all alone by its wonderful little self, sat a package of my Favorite Cookies in the Whole World.
STROOPWAFELS!!! Hee hee, isn't that a great name? It stands for "syrup waffles", apparently. They are Dutch. When I was about 8, and living in Las Vegas, (yeah, I know, ew) my Mom's best friend was a woman named Anya from the Netherlands. She worked as a stewardess for Delta airlines, and introduced us to Kinder Eggs, those wonderful chocolate sprinkles that are actually chocolate, Nutella, and stroopwafels. Oh, thank you thank you forever, Anya!! I was going to wait and take pretty pictures, but I just couldn't.
These are thin, itty-bitty butter waffles with a bare hint of cinnamon, sandwiched together with caramel. Caramel!!
They're chewy and glorious. They are traditionally served with tea or warm drinks, and you can set them on the top of your cup, while the steam from your drink softens them. I have never tried this, but I want to this fall, with apple cider. A caramel waffle cookie and hot apple cider... does it get much better??
In an ASIAN store of all places!! (She said they were selling like crazy. Well, duh!!)
Bracken wants one too...


  1. I loved your little dragon faces. So cute!! The waffle looks amazing. I have fresh blackberries and peaches. Seeing that makes me want to make a peach and blackberry pie. Your farmers market looks like a blast. We want to start selling our lamps at our local famer and craft's market.

  2. I need those dutch cookies!!! Send some to me or tell me where to get them!

  3. Aww, that looks like a really fun outing! And I bet your necklace will turn out really cool!

  4. OHMYFREAKINGGOODNESS!!! Stroopwafels are the most delicious things in the whole world!! I'm pretty sure we'll have them in Heaven. And I am SO JEALOUS that you found some in the US!! I have an uncle from Amsterdam, and every time they go visit they bring back the ever-coveted stroopwafels. I wonder how expensive they'd be to buy online...

  5. Anja also gets credit for showing us olliebollen, ebleskivers, and true New York Bagels. Also, Red Cabbage and Granny Smith Apples with Clove... and new ways to use Nutella! That's quite a culinary legacy. ..Oh! remember that ginger bread?


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