August 30, 2012

The Bread (Best Homemade Sandwich Bread)

Whenever the subject of comforting, nostalgic scents comes up, what always seems to be in the Top 5? Fresh-baked bread. Well, thanks to this recipe, you can have that scent any time, anywhere!

I mentioned a few posts ago that whenever we moved, my Mom would introduce us to the neighborhood/new office by baking. Even more famous than her Cookies was her Bread. Yes, it deserves a capital letter. This is The Bread. 

Bread-baking days were always quite an experience. Mom would whip up double and triple batches, and there would be bread cooling on every surface, bread coming out of the oven, the occasional batch burning as she got used to new ovens, half-melted sticks of butter everywhere... always followed by a trip 'round the neighborhood, delivering bread (and sometimes jam!) to break the ice with new neighbors. 

I have never liked whole-wheat bread, especially homemade, because it always seems to turn out dense and gummy. This bread changes all that. It's the lightest, fluffiest homemade wheat bread I have ever had! 

The Bread

2 1/2 cups barely warm water
1/3 cup potato flakes
2 Tb yeast
1/4 plus 1/8 cup oil (3/8 cup)
1/4 plus 1/8 cup honey (3/8 cup)
2 tsp salt
1 egg
3 cups unbleached all-purpose flour
3 cups whole wheat flour  (you can use all-white or all-wheat also)
2 Tb dough enhancer
2 Tb wheat gluten
(the enhancer and gluten may be a little pricey, but they will last you a LONG time)
Add the yeast and potato flakes to the water to soften.
Add all of the other ingredients and mix well. Add up to a cup more flour if your dough is too sticky.

Knead for 10 minutes. (If you have a mixer with a bread hook, you are lucky! If not, I know this is a long time to knead, but it's worth it) Divide into 2 loaves, place in well-greased loaf pans, coat generously with oil/cooking spray, let rise 15 minutes.

Bake at 350 for 35-40 minutes, rotating loaves halfway through. Remove from oven and butter the crust with a stick of butter- it will melt on contact!

Let cool at least 10 minutes before slicing!
Such a pretty golden crust! I mentioned you can make this whole wheat or white, also. I like half and half best, but both still turn out very well. And my house smells so homey!!
I promised you light and fluffy, and this bread delivers! There is something so homey and satisfying about making your own bread.
This bread freezes wonderfully, if you don't think you'll use both loaves before one molds. Since it doesn't have preservatives, that happens faster with homemade bread. Also, if you're interested in making a double batch, let me know, because the measurements are different. (not just doubled)
Warm, fluffy homemade bread with sweet, tangy homemade jam. Can life get better?? I submit that it can not!!


  1. I would love to try to make my own bread! This recipe looks like it's a winner, thanks for sharing :)

  2. I would love to find a yummy sandwich made out of this soft bread in my lunchbox! This fall I am keeping a New Year's Resolution to learn how to bake bread. This is on my list! Thanks for sharing it at TUTORIALS TIPS AND TIDBITS!

  3. Great looking bread April! My mom used to make homemade bread alot. A good day was coming home from school and smelling it baking as I walked through the door! I knew a fresh slice, warm from the oven and spread with cold butter and peanut butter was waiting for me! xxoo


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