August 28, 2012

Me vs. Healthy Habits

Ahhh, a morning begun with a walk is a good morning.

*listening for the sound of my mother keeling over in shock*

It's true, I am not athletically inclined. *snicker* In fact, there is an old family tease that resurfaces occasionally, that the only way they could get me to go on hikes through adolescence was by bribing me with food. We found out later, of course, that my hiking misery wasn't really my fault, but if I'm honest, I can't blame it all on my dysfunctional body. I'm lazy.

There! I said it! I am laaaazy. And I hate sweating. Hate hate hate. Now, this doesn't mean I don't like physical activity of any kind, I love being outside and walking with my little family. My hiking tolerance is about equal to the boys, so it's perfect! I just hate any kind of "work out" exercise. Bleh. I like Pilates, because it is quick, and easy, and it works, and I can do it in my living room, but I have a hard time making it a habit. Enter: First Grade!! Stephen's school is a mile from our house, and he has to be there at 8:40. Could there be a more perfect walking time or distance (for me)?? I think NOT! It's nice and cool, hasn't gotten hot yet, Big Stephen is still home, so we have a family walk to school every morning. It is awesome. I love it.

*Have you recovered, Mom?*

Along with this exercise, I am determined to lose the 5 pounds I gained eating whatever the heck I wanted after surgery. (After years of limitation: Bliss!!!) I love baking and yummy food too much to do a real diet, so I am trying to plan healthy-er meals, balance them with lots of veggies and fruits, and eat less of the un-healthy things. But my favorite key to weight-loss is smoothies for breakfast. Doesn't work so well in the winter, but is awesome in summer! So today: The Perfect Smoothie!

First: Frozen Fruit. I like strawberries, blueberries, and peaches. Raspberries are yummy but have TONS of seeds!! Bananas are great for sweetness, and creaminess too! You can buy them, or pick your own and freeze them (those taste WAY better!) A large handful of fruit is good for one serving. (about a heaping cup)
Second: Something creamy. Sometimes I use buttermilk, I love the tang! It also has probiotics which are great for your innards. Usually I use fat-free yogurt. You can use Greek yogurt too, it's a great source of protein! If you want to edge out the last bit of sugar, use plain yogurt and add a splash of vanilla or almond extract. I promise it will still be sweet enough, I'm just lazy. (I believe I mentioned that.) Add about a quarter cup of creamy-ness.
Third: Protein powder. If you can get it, it's almost the most important part! The protein powder makes the smoothie more filling, so you aren't hungry again in half an hour. And it's good for you! I usually get vanilla flavor, but they come in chocolate, berry, lemonade, almost anything you can think of! I think my Mom even had blue raspberry once...(If protein powder is hard to find, or too expensive, using Greek yogurt for your creaminess is a great alternative!)
Fourth: Juice. Simply is my favorite. I love their cranberry juice and orange pineapple juice. Juice is where you can get all creative with funky flavors! Add enough juice to just barely or not quite cover the fruit. (Depending on how thick you like it)
Voila!  A super healthy smoothie, no added sugar, filled with many things good for you, and a huge serving of fruit and protein! You can add a handful of something green, like kale or baby spinach to turn this into SUPERsmoothie! If you are used to a big breakfast, it will take a few days for your body to adjust, but then, I promise this will last you till lunch. And that's coming from me, the Queen of Munchies!
I miss my smoothies in the winter. I think this year I'm going to start doing oatmeal... Happy Healthy Habits, Everyone! And as my Mom always says, no matter what ails you...

"Go for a walk and DRINK WATER!"


  1. May I please add that, in addition to the green part, also add a few tablespoons of flax seeds. They will grind up in the blender and add much needed Omegas.! And, my advice...I almost always add the vanilla. It just helps.

    1. Listen to Renel! She knows what she's talking about!!

  2. I use spinach/kale for my protein, no creamy factor, a tiny bit of agave if I need the extra sweetness, and usually just apple juice for the juice. But I love seeing how others do their smoothies! Doing the same smoothie can get dull, and the dark color due to the greens can get to be too much some days. I may try yours!

  3. Oh, and I ditto the flax comment! We need those Omega 3's! We get too many Omega 6's in our diet and are deprived of the 3's, which leads to everyone saying they feel tired all the time. 3's wake you up and 6's put you to sleep. EAT MORE 3's!!!

  4. I love that you used the word "innards." I can hear your voice!
    One thing that you should NOT put in smoothies is oatmeal. I see people suggesting it all the time on pinterest and whatnot, but every time I try it just tastes like vomit.

  5. I have never made a homemade smoothie! YES, tis true. I have made other drinks though. Most recipes I have seen use bananas in them, and I don't really like raw banana. Yours looks fabulous. I am against exercise. lol I'm so bad. I need to get more of it, but I hate it. I really need to force myself to do it. Love and hugs! xxoo

  6. Haha! I love that Kelsey commented on your use of the word, "innards," because I was going to do the same thing! I miss you, April-friend. :)


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