August 31, 2012

Sweet and Funny Things

Tuesday was a cooler morning (rejoice!). Joe said it was a little bit cold, and I told him I thought it was refreshing! He replied, "Yeah! Like a cup with ice and fresh water with cucumbers!"

He is also a very good kitchen helper.

We met a St. Bernard on the way home from school. Bracken has never met a dog bigger than her. Well, she met Ron's Doberman, but Nikki was terrified of her, so she doesn't count. Bracken was In. Awe. The St. Bernard was nice, but her "playful growl" made Bracken sound like a terrier! And her growl scares neighbors! After a tentative greeting, we went on our way, but not soon enough for me to avoid this parting gift...

I am so glad we don't have a St. Bernard.

Joe got out of punishment during dinner. Daddy said, "You're lucky Mom is nicer than me!" to which he  stated, "Mom, you're the Queen of this house!
I said, "Yes, but Daddy is the King!"
Joe, "And we're the Wild Boys."

I call this series, "A Boy and His Dog". (no posing, I promise)

After dinner, little Stephen put his dishes in the sink and asked, "Mom? Can I do a quick clean-up with the vacuum?"

I am the luckiest Mom ever.


  1. Haha! Your kids rock. Of course I knew that before reading this...

  2. This is a day I should put on speed dial.


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