August 23, 2012

Link & Mingle

I'm late! I'm late! For a very important date!!
Sorry for posting this later in the morning my friends, I was walking my son to school and showering. But I'm here now!

My favorite part about blogging is making new friends. And today I have a brand new way to make more! Shaylee, from Mother {at} Heart is one of my new favorite people. We have so much in common, we've never met in person, and yet quickly became fast friends. She had the wonderful idea to host a social linking party, where you basically just, well, meet people! There are so many social media sites and blog communities out there, and this is a great way to use them ALL! I have to admit, trying to host this has made me feel very, very old. (I'm not, I promise, I'm only 27!) I don't have a Twitter account! I've never used Instagram, or Pinterest... I fought Facebook for years! But that's okay, learning is all part of this process, right?? So bear with me, and I am very excited to present you with our new weekly get-together! Hopefully by next week my little thumbnail will show up in a few more sites. Can't wait to meet you! :)

*UPDATE: I now have a Pinterest page! I figured it out yesterday :) Aren't you proud of me??*

Meet our weekly hosts!

and for this week's co-hosts, we have
Molly | still being [Molly]

Thank you, ladies!

The rules are thus:
follow your hosts and co-hosts via GFC and all other social media sites that they have linked up,
visit/follow/like as many links as you can,
link up to as many social media sites that apply to you,
share, tweet, and blog about this link party if you so wish,
grab the button {below},
and have fun meeting new people!

If you would be interested in hosting this party permanently, or co-hosting it periodically, send an email to {}. Anyone is accepted - there's no limit to the hosts. :)

If you think of another site that you would like to see in this linkup, leave a comment and tell us!

Alright, ladies! Button-up, link-up, and meet-up! :)
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Link & Mingle
Come back next Thursday for another round of the Link & Mingle!!

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