August 20, 2012

Our Last Summer Adventure

No recipe today! Sorry folks, after spending the weekend with Grandma, taking the LONG way home (like, 5 or 6 hours longer), coming home at midnight to a house empty of groceries, then getting up bright and early and spending the morning on our last adventure before Stephen starts 1st grade tomorrow (hooray!!), it's just not gonna happen today without stress. And this should never be stressful, just fun! I will be back tomorrow with a plethora of cookies! Until then, I leave you with raspberries.
They had 3 different kinds! The big long ones were best.
For about the first 15 minutes, Joe asked my opinion about every single berry...
Then, he was the King of Berries. Every berry he picked was PERFECT. He hardly ate any, and wouldn't accept white spots. He also did not want them mixed in with ours, until we explained in detail that they would be well taken care of. 
Stephen ate TONS, but also picked plenty!!
They provided awesome little kid buckets, grown-up buckets, and ropes to tie them around your waist, to free up both hands! Brilliant.
I love raspberries.
Joe's mode of transport through the thicker spots. 

Oh yeah, there is also a random collection of goats, deer, and big-horn sheep next door. 
Which love to be fed.
And a porch swing...
And a huge patch of flowers, which you can pick! As many as you want!
They even provide clippers!
Stephen was the King of Flowers. He found me the best ones. :)
Zinnias remind me of fireworks. They all have the same elements, in different colors, sizes, shapes, and profusions. I love my giant sunflower. 
Six pounds for 15$. There is cobbler, jam, and who knows what else in our future! Cake, perhaps?
Best Raspberry Patch EVER!!


  1. That second picture of "Discriminating Joe" is one of my all time favorites. They'll have berry patches in Colorado, too. I remember picking too many blueberries in Missouri, and having to give some away when we moved..

    1. I knoooow, but this place was just so perfect!! *whine*

  2. I adore this idea! My oldest would love doing something like this, although she sees goats and sheep and cows on her grandparents ranch all the time. And those boys are soooo adorable!


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