September 9, 2013

Weekly Menu Sept 9

This week we have:
Berry Yogurt Breakfast Muffins
Lighter Fettuccine Alfredo with Spice-Rubbed Chicken
Irish Soda Bread
Peach Vanilla Bean Jam

For today, Sept 9 ...

Outside my window... It's finally COOLER!! The high today is only 80, and the rain rolls in tonight, making itself at home here for the rest of the week. We're even supposed to get down to the 60's! Oh, you have no idea how happy this makes me! Perfect timing too, weather makes me much happier while The Geologist is out of town. Heck, we might even play at a park today!

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I am thankful... It never gets old. I am so thankful that we live in Colorado, and NOT in Texas!! We've been here a year and it hasn't faded. I'm not sure it ever will! Sure, we may end up in Texas someday, oil tends to draw everyone there, but until then, I will savor every minute living here! And the fact that we are looking for a house in Colorado? Dream come true!

I am learning... Oh goodness. I'm learning that this house-hunting thing is not as simple as it seems! The house I was so excited about yesterday? Well, it "didn't work out." I feel a bit silly for getting so excited on here! We re-evaluated, taking lots of future things into consideration (go figure!) and decided that it wasn't as good a fit as we thought. In fact, we're already pretty excited about another one! Though I must tell you, dragging myself away from that first backyard... sigh... it was tough! Gotta ask all the grown-up questions. Don't worry, this isn't a sad thing! Just looking for a better fit for our family. We aren't looking at this as our "starter house". We're looking for a house to spend the next 30 years in, but one we'd also be able to sell if The Geologist's job moves him. That changes the criteria a little! So, false alarm! I'll still keep you posted, but maybe a bit more cautiously... :)

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I am looking forward to... The Geologist coming home Wednesday, finding out more about this new house, a sushi date Thursday... in the future, visiting my family in Washington DC in a few weeks!

In the kitchen... You've got a couple re-posts this week! At the moment the only thing that is going on in the kitchen is mess. I'm so spoiled, The Geologist usually cleans up after dinner, but now that he's gone, I have to clean by myself! The tidiness of the house often suffers when he's out of town, just because I get lazy. But I'm planning to make a few more re-posts and bake a few new things this week! Haven't decided which new things yet... :) I have a feeling the boys and I will be eating soft pretzels for dinner at least once though!

I am hoping... Honestly, I am really hoping the new house we have our eye on works out. It's pretty much perfect for our family. There's a decent chance it won't though, our top price might be just a hair too low for them. Which is all right, we'll find a great house, I know it! We're learning to be patient. 

Around the house... The boys are trying to recreate a sink suspension bridge from The Magic School Bus TV show this morning... apparently they need floss and hairpins... I'll have to go take pictures. Did I mention the mess?

One of my favorite things... Kenny Loggins!!! Ah, the music of my childhood. And apparently, what my parents listened to most while my Mom was pregnant with me. That might explain some things. Wait, I hear a few question marks out there... Kenny Who?? No, not Kenny G, the saxophone guy. Kenny Loggins sang "Danger Zone" from Top Gun and "Footloose" (plus a few others) from, well, Footloose! But those are just his well-known songs. I am old-fashioned and sentimental and I still love him! Laugh all you want! Not to mention his "Back to Pooh Corner" album is pretty much the best lullaby collection ever made. In the interests of full disclosure, I must admit The Geologist hates him with a passion and I am not allowed to play any Kenny Loggins with him in the house.. or car... Tis one of his few flaws!

A peek into my day... Today is busy! Looking at another house in an hour, then the boys each have a testing appointment at school, then we're off to the dentist to get those pretty little teeth sealed (yay!) then just maybe the library. Maybe. If we aren't sick of each other by then. This evening I have a date with orange cream ice cream and Bollywood!

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Guilty Pleasures... Orange Dreamsicles. Or anything related, orange-cream flavored. I just may finish off this gallon of ice cream before The Geologist gets home...

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  1. Funny how we get so caught up in the moment that we lose track of important things, dismissing them as unnecessary because we found one thing that excites us. LOL Happy continued house hunting.

    1. Oh I know!! Especially when you compare these two houses... Hands down the new one is better, but I swear that first yard put a spell on me! This being grown-up thing is HARD!! :)

  2. You will find the house of your dreams eventually April, even if you have to turn it into the house of your dreams! I am a messy person too. It drives Todd up the wall. I say it is the sign of a brilliant mind! Love your boys and all that you encourage them to do/try, etc. We were never allowed to make a mess when I was growing up. I let my own kids be as creative as they wanted to be within reason and safety and so long as they cleaned up afterwards. I hope they were happy with that! Love you much. xxoo

  3. PS - Looking forward to your cooking this week too.


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