September 3, 2013

Weekly Menu Sept 3

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This week we have:
Banana Nutella Swirl Muffins
Auntie Anne's Soft Pretzels (Copycat)
Cinnamon Puff Cookies

For today, Sept 3 ...
Outside my window... Hot hot HOT. The sky is blue, but bright enough to burn, reflecting all this sun down onto the grasses and trees, turning them dusty and golden-brown... This is how Colorado looked when we moved in last year, and I thought, " I remember it being GREEN!" Now I have seen a whole year, and it is green, until these last scorching summer days... BUT!! It is supposed to gradually cool down the rest of the week, getting down to the 70's by Friday! And then ALL next week looks like 70's too! I can't wait! I just might have to break out some pumpkin-y recipes... :)
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I am thinking... Sorry for being MIA last week! Our whole family had a stomach bug. Not a horrible one, thankfully no one threw up, but still blah. Not really feeling very food-enthusiastic, so I just took a week off. All better now. Turns out it was going around the school in spades, and we got lucky! Ah, elementary school...

I am thankful... I've said it before and I'll say it again, I am so grateful for The Geologist's awesome work schedule! He works 9 hours a day, but that allows him to have every other Friday off! He had this past Friday off, so with Labor Day on Monday, he had a four-day weekend! It was WONDERFUL. It honestly never gets old. I love it!

In the kitchen... I'm starting to rack up some re-make favorites! It's fun, especially for The Geologist, because I posted a lot of his favorite recipes in the first few months of blogging, and have been too busy making NEW things to bother with standby's. I'm planning on having a whole week of re-posts soon. 

I am reading... Re-reading, again! Haven't found anything at the library lately to strike my fancy. Any suggestions?? This time I am re-reading my new favorite sci-fi series, Mistborn! It's kinda sci-fi... kinda not... maybe fantasy? Who knows. It's unreal, and completely original. Now, in case you read the blurb, or look at the picture, and think, "Oh sheesh, lonely girl with strange powers has to defeat evil overlord?? Yawn!!" I promise, it is SO much more than that. Ask my Mom. She is extremely critical of fantasy, and I begged her to read it, and she could NOT put it down. She says she "lost 11 days of her life to these books." Brandon Sanderson is a genius. He writes his books like jigsaw puzzles, and bits and pieces of seemingly useless, un-related information come together in the most jaw-dropping climax I have ever read. My only disclaimer is that there is a lot of fighting, and it's a bit dark. But fantastic!!

I am going... We're meeting with our realtor tonight, and officially beginning our house hunt! It's so exciting!! Choir is Wednesday, farmer's market and church picnic this Saturday, then The Geologist leaves for Utah. He's really excited about this trip, because he gets to go back to BYU and recruit geologists for Anadarko! If he had his way, he'd get all his best friends to come work with him out here. Either way he'll have a blast! And I will watch way too many movies while he's gone.

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Pet Peeves: When you buy new jeans, and absolutely adore them, and they fit you perfectly, so you wear them for a few days... and they stretch. And bag. Just enough to where they no longer fit you perfectly, they're slightly too big! But you've now worn them for three days, so you can't take them back. Sigh. I still like them lots, but they aren't nearly as flattering anymore! Gah, good jeans are SO hard to find. Especially when you can only buy one pair at a time!

I am wondering... Will we find the house of our dreams? Will we love the neighborhood? Is it out there right now, or will we have to wait a while for our house of dreams to come on the market? How much work will it need?? We're not above some sprucing up! In fact, that's half the fun! Will it have aspens, or roses, or bushes, or nothing?? Oh, it's so hard to wait!! Our family needs to put down some roots! We need some furniture, some painted walls, some "just because" decorations! 

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One of my favorite things... I've mentioned before that I adore big dogs. Well, today one of my favorite things is that The Geologist loves them now too! When we first started talking about preferred dog types, (which was right after we got married. Hey, I'm a dog girl, what can I say?) we didn't quite agree. He wanted something small and fluffy that would sit in his lap and put up with him treating it like a toy. I wanted something big. Ish. Retriever big at the very least! After getting our big beastie girl, he is totally converted. In fact, he has decided that our next dog is going to be an Irish Wolfhound, the tallest dog there is!! They stand 32-36 inches at the shoulder! Get out a tape measure and just see how tall that is. Now, my family owned one of these for a while. We had to find her a new home, she had lots of issues left over from a previous owner. They are so sweet, but wow. VERY big. And the sad thing is, they often barely live 7 years! That's a bit short for me. Just look at those eyes!! But hey, at least I've got him in big dog territory now! Hooray!!

Just for fun... I don't even know what this is, but it's adorable. 

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  1. Loved your daybook April as always. Sorry you were all not feeling well last week. I remember when my kids were in school, with five of them there was always a bug going around our house. It seemed someone was sick all the time! Ugh! I love our cocker. I think she will be as big as they get for us. Todd would love a lab, but our house just isn't big enough IMO. Good luck on the house hunt! I can't wait to see what you find. Exciting times! xxoo

  2. It really has been unseasonably hot hasn't it? That's why I am SO ready for autumn. Sorry you had the stomach bug...that's the worst. ugh.

  3. haha!! Austin LOVES Irish Wolfhounds!!!

    1. Yet more proof they are actually twins. :) We miss you guys!!

  4. Do you know why I thoroughly enjoy your blog? It is because of this example right here. I feel like I am connecting with a human being. All the organizing and recipe blogs are fun and interesting, but when it comes down to it for me, I like listening to someone else's day. May you be blessed in the hunt for the house of your dreams and I hope that you find the right "big" dog for your family. I would love a Bull Mastiff myself. I noticed on the book cover that Robin Hobb recommends this book and I am a huge fan of Robin Hobb. I am also a huge fan of Piers Anthony (Apprentice Adept Series). I will have to remember to check this series out along with the other 10+ books waiting to be read on my Kindle. Sounds like fun stuff for the Geologist too. I can't wait to read more.

    1. Hilary, thank you so much, your comment made my day! I have lots of fun writing these up, I'm so glad you like reading them. :) we shouldn't really be planning on our next dog, our girlie is only two years old! It's just fun to imagine. Bull Mastiffs are AWESOME!! I love Robin Hobb too!! You'd definitely like Mistborn, move it to the top of the list! Thanks again, and have a wonderful day!


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