September 30, 2013

Weekly Menu Sept 30

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This week we have:
Pumpkin Cream Cheese Muffins (With a Surprise!)
Cinnamon Roll Pancakes
Slab Apple Pie

For today, Sept 30 ...
Outside my window... "It's Autumn time, it's Autumn time the leaves are falling down..." This song has been stuck in my head all morning! It's officially Fall, and the leaves are officially turning! Bits of red, gold, and orange are appearing all over, and I am a happy, happy girl!! Sunny today, with a high of 70, which is still pushing it just a tad in my opinion, but 60's ahead for the rest of the week!

I am thankful... I am so very thankful for our whole house-buying experience. The sellers, who accepted our offer even though they probably could have gotten more, our realtor, who is fantastic, my husband, for getting me to look at a house in that neighborhood even though I wasn't thrilled about it. If we hadn't looked at that house, we never would have found out about the sellers that were only thinking about selling. We've been so lucky through this whole process!

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I am going... Next week the boys and I are going to Washington DC! The Geologist will be gone for a week and a half and I don't want to spend it alone, so we're going to visit my parents. The boys LOVE DC, it's their favorite place in the whole world. The Smithsonian and the close-ish proximity to the beach has a lot to do with it, and visiting those places with Grandma and Grandpa makes it even more fun!

I am wondering... When will we get to move in to our new house?! We close on Oct. 30th, but they probably won't be moved out by then. We won't have a move-in date till they are under contract with their new house. Not knowing is TORTURE!!! Gah! I just keep going back to the pictures I took and imagining what I'm going to do when we live there... I want to move in NOW!!

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I am hoping... My boys have only been to the beach once in their lives, and we're planning another trip when we're in DC. It's a little late in the year, so I'm hoping hoping hoping it will be warm enough to be fun!! Who knows when we'll have another chance to go?? We have to hunt for shark teeth!!

In the kitchen... I was supposed to get tons of baking done last week... Um... I got a little bit of baking done! Playing catch-up this week. Lots of plans, lots of apples and spices and pumpkin going on this week! 

I am looking forward to... This weekend is General Conference!! My second favorite "holiday" of the year!! It's a weekend-long broadcast of talks from the leaders of our church, on all kinds of subjects like families, forgiveness, scriptures, missionary work...There is always the most wonderful spirit in our home while we're watching. We watch it at home, on TV or the internet. I must admit that I love watching "church" in my pj's on the couch... or from the kitchen, where I'm usually baking up goodies. Anyway, I love Conference, and it's this weekend, and I'm already planning the goodies I'll be making. Yay!!

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Around the house... Not a lot going on in this house... My daydreams are all our new house, where I am thinking of paint colors, and decorating styles... and whether or not to paint the cherry cabinets in the kitchen... I always dreamed of a white kitchen, but my parents have informed me that I will be disowned and they will take my house away if I dare to paint the beautiful cherry cabinets in my new house... I have been cowed!

I am learning... To stick to my guns! My old, cracked, destroyed iPad was starting to slow down, poor thing, so I sold it to my brother and started looking for a new tablet. I LOVED my Dad's Kindle fire, and was totally sold, but Stephen talked me into shopping around. I ended up ordering a Nexus, because all the "specs" beat out the Kindle. Less than 8 hours after the Nexus arrived I was packing it up in disgust for a return. I hated it. It was slow as can be (which apparently is a problem with the latest Android system) and discovered that I am not an Android fan. I am learning that I don't need to have the latest, shiniest, fastest, fanciest thing, I just want something I am comfortable with. So my Kindle arrives on Thursday. :)

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One of my favorite things... Apples. Apples!! Apple desserts are at the top of my favorites list, if done well, but I haven't made many of them because The Geologist is not a fan. Also, I haven't been able to eat fresh apples for years. I gave it a try this weekend... and ate my first whole, fresh, crispy, sweet apple in YEARS! Oh, it was so delicious. Today I bought about half a dozen bushels of Honeycrisp apples at the store, to bake and eat to my heart's content. Yay for apples!!

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  1. I have white cabinets and I LOATH them! Not only would it be a crime to paint over the cherry wood, the white shows ALL the dirt and grimy fingerprints. I'm constantly wiping down my cupboards. Ugh!
    Also, I have one of the older generation Kindles. I love it. Always have. The only thing I wish for, at times, is backlighting, but that is not often enough to prompt a new purchase. It does all the things I need, i.e., I can download books anywhere becuase of their "Whispernet", travel with it and it has a built in dictionary to look up words on the spot, and I can adjust the font to HUGE, for my 40 something eyes! You probably know all of this already, but I'm just getting in your corner and advocating for the Kindle! Who needs to surf the internet, etc...on every single device you own? Gads!
    I can't wait to start making (and eating) fall foods! Apple pie and spicy/pumpkin-y things and hearty soups etc....Mmmmmm. I love Autumn!

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  3. What a lovely post, April! I just adore your format. Congratulations on the purchase of your new home! Such an exciting time...
    ps- I also love my Kindle, and honeycrisp apples too! Happy fall!

  4. Yay indeed for apples! We grow our own, which is something YOU can do when you get into that lovely house of yours! Just think of all the fun you will have. I can't wait for you to begin showing us photos! I hope you have a fab week in DC with your family. I have never been there but hear the Temple is beautiful. Safe travels and enjoy conference. I enjoy watching it at home too. It's much more intimate. xxoo


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