September 14, 2013

Small & Wonderful Things 32

Misty morning walks

The Geologist washing our wet, muddy beastie every time because her shampoo hurts my hands and he is the sweetest

Morning glories, which the boys and I decided MUST be planted in our garden, because like Joe said, "They look like they're glowing inside!"

Planning our garden... which we can actually visualize now!

Raindrops... On leaves, on trees, on railings, on spiderwebs, on windows...

Semi/mostly illegal puppy playdates with neighbors

This Bug... painted like a ladybug!

Compound pharmacies that will mail you prescriptions so you don't have to go pick it up!

The smell of fresh mint

Discovering that I really can fit into my gorgeous, tall, best friend's super-cute skirt!! (and borrowing it!) Thanks friend!

When Stephen reads to Joe. Especially Doctor Seuss.

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