August 5, 2013

Weekly Menu Aug 5

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This week we have:
Blueberry Goat Cheese Salad
Blueberry Buttermilk Breakfast Cake
Blueberry Pie Bars
Blueberry Fool

For today, Aug 5 ...

Outside my window... Sunny, warming up, quiet, clear blue sky... it will probably rain this afternoon, this has been the pattern for weeks. I'm not complaining, I love the rain! I just wish we could have an all-day rainy day once in a while. Instead of getting to 90 degrees before it rains. I'm ready for Fall! So is Tumblr it seems, you people are not helping!! :)

In the kitchen... It's Blueberry Week!! I've been waiting for blueberry season, saving up blueberry recipes, then discovered that Colorado HAS no blueberry season!! Apparently they just don't grow well here. No fair. Well, if I can't find them in the farmer's markets, or pick my own... might as well just use what I have! So I picked the four recipes I was most dying to try, and put them all in the same week! It's a blueberry bonanza!

A peek into my day... Today we're taking it easy. Calm and a bit lazy. Yesterday was packed! We had guests coming over for dinner, so I spent three hours getting dinner ready while The Geologist pitched in and tidied up... Dinner was a success, but the evening came to a screeching halt when Joe split his mouth on his headboard and I took him to the ER. Let me tell you, that is not how you want to send new friends home! He's fine, didn't even need stitches, but he's still sore today and we're all tired, so we're taking a breather. I swear, that boy's head (and face) is a magnet for hard objects!

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I am learning... I should have been used to this by now, but everything takes longer than I thought in this adoption certification process!! We had our first home study interview on Wednesday. I was an absolute wreck, I could barely eat, I was so nervous. Turns out that was just the first of four visits. This Wednesday we have the next interview, where they talk to us separately and get into all the deep, dark, important stuff. THAT'S the part I'm terrified for. Agh!! After that there is one more interview and the final certification check. I'm going to be a mess by the end of this. But it's worth it!!

Around the house... Our girl's furniture is almost finished! Only details left! When we find out her favorite colors (which will hopefully coordinate with the quilt my Mom made) we'll paint the top surfaces...
...then pick knobs for everything to match. White with pops of color. Isn't that quilt happy??
If she doesn't like it she can pick a new one, but I hope she does. Now it just needs a mattress, lamp, and comfy chair. And a little girl to put her own finishing touches all over.

I am thankful... So thankful for our vacation! We had a wonderful time at the cabin, and The Geologist was on Mom duty so the boys and I could get out of each other's hair for a while. And it worked! I am refreshed and rejuvenated. Excited to cook and bake and blog and adventure again. I love my boys so dearly, and I love my "job", but I need to remember to take breaks now and then, or I get drained and overwhelmed, and it all stops being fun. Seeing my Mom and Dad was lovely, as always, and seeing my brother and his wife before they head off to the other side of the country. Who knows when I'll see them again!! I'll post all about it on our family blog later this week. Ah, it's nice to be back :)

I am thinking... We're going to make these last two weeks before school starts as full of classic summer fun as I can possibly manage! Time to tick a few more off the bucket list, try some crafts at home, build some forts, back to the splash park and the pool a few times...pack it full and finish off with a bang! Stephen's ready to go back, and Joe is excited and getting a little nervous, so I'll do my best to distract him. Two more weeks!

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One of my favorite things... Labyrinth!! I finally bought it. No idea why I hadn't yet. The boys are watching it right now. I think one of the many great joys of being a parent is sharing with your children the things you loved when you were a kid. The "oldies but goodies". I had no idea, but this movie was a complete box office flop! Now it is such a cult classic! I was more than a little be-spelled by this movie when I was sixteen... then again, I was very much in my own little fantasy world at that time, head in the clouds and all that. Misty memories. I love everything about this movie, the music, the humor, the art... everything except David Bowie's pants... *wince*

What is something you can't (or couldn't) wait to share with your kids? A favorite movie, or book, or musical artist... Favorite game, sport, vacation spot? Has to be from childhood! (Teens count :)

Oh!! And by the way!! I added Pinterest buttons to make life easier! Just run your cursor over any picture you want to pin, a Pinterest icon will appear in the top left corner, and pin it! If you want to just look at the picture larger, click in the middle of the picture. Took me forever to figure out how to do that! :)

Something fun, just because...

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  1. Two books my Grammie read to me and my brother when we were little I purchased for my daughter. The Berenstein Bears, Bear Detectives, Case of the Missing Pumpkin By: Jan & Stan Berenstein and the Rainbow Goblins By:Ul De Rico.

  2. Reading, of course. Still remember first book I bought to read to my little Annie, Bunny's Busy Day. I started purchasing my childhood favorite novels, to save for her while she was still an infant. Frances Hodgson Burnett's Little Lord Fauntleroy, A Little Princess, and The Secret Garden, C.S. Lewis' Chronicles of Narnia and so many others.. including Tolkien's The Hobbit

  3. April, how did you add the pinterest buttons??? I need to do that! I am still trying to figure out how to add a pinterest button to my new computer browser page. We got ourselves a new touch screen computer and it's nice, but a steep learning curve. Sorry your wee one got hurt. Boys. Some are so accident prone. Happy you have enjoyed your time away and are back and feeling refreshed. I miss you when you're not around. Wishing you good luck with the adoption. Any child would be lucky to have your family as their family. The furniture looks wonderful and I love the quilt your mum has made. I am sure your little girl will love it too! Love you much. xxoo

  4. Blueberry week!! I love everything blueberry. Cobbler, pie, etc. And also Boo Berry cereal LOL. Glad you had a fun time on vacation :)


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